So, anyone in Fatshark approving mods anymore?

Lets see… I got a friend that threw 2 grims by accident recently and I had thought STICKY GRIM was added to the standard V2 game; however, I guess I was wrong.

So, I went to check if the approved mod “sticky grim” was still available… and NooOooope. There has been a new one that applied for approval back in MARCH but … I guess nobody in Fatshark is reviewing those.

New Sticky Grim

Anyway, is anyone in Fatshark reviewing and approving the mods anymore ?

Please take note, this topic is about fatshark approving mods, not if you still throw grims or don’t use mods.

Vormar Mishap


Mods rarely get approved, it’s a little sad.
There’s great mods out there that have no negatives whatsoever if they were approved.

I wanna take this as an opportunity to highlight some mods that would be a great addition to the official realm.

Fatshark pls.


Nice selection, I’d use a few of those.

However, Steam Rich Presence = Posted Jun 4, 2019 - last updated Oct 17, 2019 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Will Fatshark confirm anyone is assigned to look and review mods anymore? :thinking:


Member when we were supposed to get waves after waves of sanctioned mods and

fatshark had this one guy Kevin approve of them… yeah I member, what happend to him?

I think they forgot to feed him or something :frowning:


Where is Kevin? :crazy_face:



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