Where are all the Sanctioned Mods?

There have not been any sanctioned mods for months…

There’s still the same original 39 Sanctioned Mods from the first month you guys were approving them.

What happened?

Did you guys abandon that too or what am I missing?



because fatshark is too fat and lazy as their name given, dont even know how to role their game and stuff.

This was addressed recently. Pretty sure it had something to do with priorities. Robin might be working on other stuff too :slight_smile:


So I am guessing it is addressed just like how they addressed the mod that showed the Statistics of your character and they denied it because they were going to “implement their own version soonTM”?


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No, it’s not addressed. My guess is:

They might not be your priorities, but you’re not developing the game either.

Why ? Because unfortunatly everytime they re making a DLC the whole game developpment has to adapt to it witch means : We ll only get gameplay update when DLC is release, mods, hotfixes etc…

Just for marketing prupose when they ll release the DLC…

That’s not quite true. They tend to come at the same time though and only Fatshark can answer if it’s for marketing reasons or not. The big balance beta was independent of any DLCs and the reason they roll out less patches could be because the game is running better and with fewer bugs.

If you’re really interested you should start a topic asking that question: “Why does the whole development team suddenly go busy when a new DLC, or in this case expansion, is coming? Best regards, GitGud”

Well it migh not totaly be true for past updates but for this upcoming one it seems quite obviouse.

DLC content is directly dependant of the gameplay update:
New weapons build arround new gameplay mechanics (stagger); the waves balane; any content from the beta is under NDA; new unites are in both regular play and in the waves; etc…

For every single change they do in the gameplay update, they have to test it in the dlc…I think the fact that any change ( DLC related or not) is under NDA speaks for itself.

An update on this, hedge said it was ok to share this info. They’re planning to let modders into the beta before launch to have mods ready for the expansions release date.


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