Bugs of future past / mod implementation

Hey, quick update on this one here, i know you said it’s in the bug tracker after it gets acknowledged, and that it may linger depending on priority, but it has been 9 months…
Maybe, after all that jazz with WoM is over our heads (and yours, especially) there could be phase of intense fixing? Not only a couple of people, but an appropriate amount of the staff at FS could make it their priority to fix and get through that back catalogue (i don’t know how big that may be, but i would guess it is quite big, when bugs like mine linger for this amount of time). I personally wouldn’t mind to wait a month longer for new content if that would mean you would use that time to fix, and only fix.

Also, a lot of feedback i read is about QoL stuff the mods give you on the live game, and how inredibly they are missing from the beta. Implementing those would go a long way to avoid similar situations during the coming years (as well as getting maybe 1 more person working with modders would be appreciated, at least until implementation):

Armory, Bestiary: Those 2 even feel like they aren’t mods, given how inredibly good they are made and how much info they give. You don’t need to be super quick in updating those (regarding new weapons/enemies).
Chat Block: very simple, effective and not exploitable.
Killfeed Tweaks: personal favourite of mine, helps you to see if that assassin or hook during a patrol fight is really dead and not wondering if it the killfeed was washed away by SV kills or not.
No Wobble: a no-brainer, too many people saying how they can’t play without this mod and getting motion sickness when not using it, it only needs to be a tick in options/gameplay.
Reroll Improvements: oh boy, this is the ultimate timesaver when rerolling, you will never want to go back if you ever tried it, making new weapons during the beta was… really frustrating, to be honest.
UI Improvements: so nicely integrated into the exiting UI, and so much simplicity created by it, looking at your other 14 careers without switching, the crafting buttons as well as the challenge filters are extremly satisfying.
All those are sanctioned mods, and only those essential for me; there are way more out there. There could be a case for Loadout Manager, but i have not used it for a long time.

I did not talk about unsactioned mods wating for wave 4 of sanctioning, as i have no experience with them. Maybe others more knowledgeable then me could chime in and give their opinion on those mods.


Thumbs up for “No Wobble”.
If only it would been applied to Bolt staff recoil…

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