Some Crafting suggestions

  • When rerolling properties or traits it would be neat to have a list of possible properties and traits on that specific item. Hardcore players will eventually learn what items can roll which properties and traits, but for more casual players this would be a handy piece of information.

  • When rerolling it would be nice to have an option to keep the current properties or trait and dismiss the new roll.

  • When upgrading it would be nice if the properties wouldn’t be completely rerolled. How it is now makes upgrading a well rolled item almost entirely useless.

  • Some kind of mechanic, which lets you infuse one items power into another would be great. Obviously the item used gets detroyed and it should be costly, maybe something like a min of 10 of green and blue dust and if the power difference is bigger than 10 one more of each dust per level.

  • A 3d preview of Illusions on items without having to equip them and of extracted Illusions would be great.

  • Being able to manage all chars inventories at once would be nice. I know that would probably clutter the inventory even more than it is so at the very least let us check which hero and each career have what equipped without having to switch to them.