Please T_T let me pick which properties to re-roll

A suggestion I have to make Vermintide 2 more viable as an RPG, to both casual and hardcore players, would be to allows them to individually pick which properties to re-roll on their items.

Diablo 3 has this feature, but it sucks because once you select an individual property to re-roll two things happen: first, all your other properties get locked; second, with each successive re-roll the price paid skyrockets!

I suggest you allow players to individually re-roll both properties. This way if a player already has +5.0% attack speed on their charm, they can safely re-roll their second property without fear of losing their first. Personally, I always find myself in a situation where I have +4.9% crit chance or attack speed but then I’m stuck with something stupid/useless like +1 stamina or +2.4% PvChaos because I’m too scared to re-roll my properties and lose my +4.9% crit chance.

This system basically takes away all the fun RPG elements of this game. I’m not a casual player because I have well over 200+ hours invested into Vermintide 2. However, I don’t consider myself a hardcore player either because I only play 2-3 times a week and only on Veteran difficulty… I’ve tried champion difficulty maybe twice! Even so, I feel like there’s nothing left to do in the game after maxing out all your characters. And unless you’re an incredibly skilled twitch player with a fanbase paying your bills, you’ll probably never see a red/veteran item in your life.

What I’m trying to say, is that I wish I could hop onto Vermintide 2 one day… grind a bunch of mats from veteran, general, and emperor chests, take a few days off, then hop back on and keep grinding away for more mats until eventually I have enough to re-roll my gear a few dozen times. I would dedicate a day to just crafting and trying my best to re-roll all my orange/exotic gear with the best properties that I could get.

If this change happened, I could see a lot more casual players taking the time and putting in the effort to play Vermintide 2 on the harder difficulties like champion, legend, and the newly added cataclysm. It would be a very well received update to Vermintide 2’s quality of life in my opinion.


  1. Allow players to individually re-roll item properties; this way the end game continues even for casual players; this will also give players something to do when patches nerf certain professions and item properties.

  2. Increase materials required for re-rolling item properties; this way perfectly rolled exotic (orange) items become harder to craft; this will also give players motivation to replay missions over and over.


  1. Give veteran (red) items 3 item properties instead of 2; this way exotic (orange) items become more useful but not overpowered.

  2. Allow players to convert dust up (ex. 30 orange dust = 1 red dust); this way casual players can work towards crafting a veteran (red) item.


If only the devs had the time and skill to make a progressive, currency based crafting system that doesn’t rely on RNG…

Oh well, I guess we’ll never get one.


I have +600h and I play only Legend/Cartaclysm… and I totally agree with you. I can dedicate a decent amount of hours every week, but I still miss the DUST to reroll my equip. I would try more builds, more weapons, more careers on Cataclysm… and I can’t!

I can understand that Fatshark hasn’t time/resources to make a decent craft system… but I do NOT understand why they don’t apply some easy solution (like to convert scraps into dust or why 10 orange dust give only 10 blue dust).

Seriously they think that, in this way, keep players glued on the game? People are leaving for this… Vermintide players want to play, beat the challenge… not to farm.


Yeah I agree. Rolling is RNG on top of RNG in what you get in boxes, on top of RNG of what box you can even get. It’s just a big ol RNG pile of crap rolling down hill


When you craft something you generally know what the results will be. Vermintide has a gambling system, and it sucks.


we got it but is only for wave crafting Athanor


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