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We all have flamed this cursed heretical rerolling system, and posted a whole bunch of suggestion BUT, if we want Fatshark to change it, I think we simply need to ask again, to remind them that this is still an issue and there are still solutions.

The easy way would be to pick what propertie you want to reroll, but that would still be a bit messy.
Let’s take it one step further, altho this would require to change the UI of these part of the Forge.


• When you want to reroll properties, you chose the property you want to change, and select the one you want it to be turned to. This still cost dust as usual. The property isn’t changed right away, but you are instead given a Quest, depending on the targeted property (see below). Completing the quest will award you with the wanted property on the item, with a random %.


• Along with Dailies quest are now Dailies forge contract. These are the same Quest as the system above, but generated daily and randomly, and granting a property shard. You can then use the property shard with some dust in the forge to change the property of your item.


• Attack speed : Hit X ennemies.
• Crit chance : Deal X crit.
• Crit power : TBD
• Stamina : Block X attack.
• Block Stamina Cost : TBD
• Push/Block Angle : Push X ennemies.
• Stamina recovery rate : TBD
• Health : Heal X damage.
• Power vs : Deal X damage to something.
• Dmg reduction vs : TBD
• Cooldown reduction : Use X times your ability.
• Curse resistance : Be under a Grim effect for X minutes.
• Movement speed : Travel X meters.
• Respawn speed : TBD
• Revive speed : Revive X allies.


• Quest are, imo, a great way to give players a reason to keep playing and coming back, even if they are a bit RNG based like in the system 2 (Plus they’re daily and you can swap them).
• Trait will keep their rerolling system, first because they are neither a random percentage nor a combination of two variables, therefore it’s overkill to do a quest to have the targetted trait, a few rerolls usually suffice.
• There won’t be a way to improve the percentage of the current property, simply because this would completely negate red item. Yes I know they are rare and all, but giving an easy way for exotic to achieve veteran item strength would be dumb
• The second system is more RNG based than the first one, but would require way less work I think.
• A alternate good way for Fatshark to make the first system work without adding too much bugs, would be :
When the player pick the item/property and is given the quest, the reward of the quest become the item with the good property, and the former item is taken out of the inventory. This isn’t very user friendly, but can avoid some bugs.
• Counter productive quest like “Take X damage from something” or “Die X times” shouldn’t exist, the main point of Vermintide must remain finish the level.

That would just replace one kind of grind and frustration with another. By rerolling weapons, I often want to test something new. To need playing more (possibly on weapons with completely random attributes) before I can get the stuff I want, after I’ve already had to play a lot to get the weapon and quality I need, after I’ve found out what I want and designed it… That’d be just annoying, and frankly, even worse than the RNG.

My personal idea is to just take a few lessons from VT1: Either let us keep the earlier Properties or let us roll them one at a time, and possibly to roll the Property percentages separately (even if that would come with having to accept the new roll). Rolling one Property at a time (or “locking” the other) would reduce wasted dust and time (especially the latter). Letting us keep the old results would make us less afraid of rolling new stuff, as we wouldn’t lose anything before the weapon was “ready”, letting us use the weapon and roll while someone else is making us wait a few minutes in the Keep without needing another piece to keep fighting.

In the current format, even through bad RNG and many wasted mats, I have near perfectly rolled gear within 2% on literally every class, every subclass, every item in the game. With Veteran items, that process was even easier. I also have a surplus of over 1300 scrap and 250 dust of all types. This is with around 120 hours played total so far. In my current status, I no longer even have a need for further anything but Red items.

There is absolutely no need for a crafting redesign in the game’s current design without totally remaking items from the ground up. Any change made to make crafting even easier basically means crafting would be rendered pointless after less than 60~ game hours played, which means even less incentive for new players to keep playing.

The only possible change I could agree with it allowing players to use or lose re-rolled stats/traits instead of them auto-overwriting your gear each time.

Consider yourself lucky then x)
I’m at 250h, and, I only have all my trinkets/necklace/charm that are well rolled (not even near perfect, just have the good properties), plus my Kerillian weapon.

Nonetheless, I get your point @Yzneftamz , it would be indeed some kind of pain in the ass to have to play more to reroll stats. I do think think that new players wouldn’t mind, but right now that’s only a small part. Anyway, I think the shard system might still be applicable, cause these are daily quest and you finish them without really caring about what you have to reroll or anything, you just stack the shard. Therefore you’re just rewarded for your playtime by shard that helps… well reroll less and play more with the wanted weapon.

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