Trait/Property rework suggestion

Currently the ‘grind’ for getting stats/traits you want on gear is…more than slightly atrocious/frustrating what with it just being ‘spam reroll and pray to god you get something usable or what you want’. My suggestion is this.

Let us PICK what that stat gets cycled too, like a radial dial type deal, where to cost in dust is dependant on the number of steps your changing it. It would also ALWAYS be at the ‘minimum’ amount to start, until you ‘attune’ the weapon to that stat, which would tie into that ‘acheivement system’ yall said your working on. Want to attune to damage vs skaven? Do x amount of damage to them, dependant on power level of weapon. Want to attune it to crit chance? Land Crits. Crit Damage? Damage dealt with crits. Resistance to Curse? Complete missions while carrying grimours. So on and so forth. Then to power it up, you repeat the process for each ‘step’ up in power (1% for 5-10% things like power VS x enemy type, 2% for Curse Resistance/Crit Power, .5% for Attack Speed/movement speed, etc., you get the point) and then have to do an ‘attunement’ again.

Same could be done for Exotic/‘Veteran’ traits (lets face it Veterans are just ‘fancier’ exotics that were designed to mitigate this atrocious RNG instead of feeling special, which is just…bad) Want to change your ‘bomb’ trinket trait, throw bombs? Want to change from that regen trait to Healers Hands? Use healing items on others/pass health draughts, etc.

This may seem ‘tedious’ but it would feel a hell of alot better than the current system that is ‘push button and pray’. This type of system would feel more like a ‘this is what I want, now I can work toward it on my own power’ type deal, at least in my opinion.


I like the properties increase idea :o
It makes fun addition, and is actually a good argument to keep a weapon while leveling.
For properties tho, I’m not sure… It feels a bit clunky…

Any more clunky than the current way of ‘spam reroll and pray for the best’?

Well… Yeah xD
You have like more or less 5 different trait per item, which makes a 20% chance to get the one you want (so it’s an average 5 dust per weapon).
What you’re proposing could moreover be abused (with the passing healing draught).

To sum up, I think we need a new version of the Altar that works nearly like you said.
First tab, you put a item in it, and ask to reroll properties, then pick the desired properties, and you are gifted a small “contract” that will unlock the said properties.
Second tab, you put an item in it, pick a properties to upgrade, chose the level of the upgrade (change the % level you will get) and you get a contract (difficulty changing depend of the level) to upgrade it.
Last tab, COULD be your system for trait, but I really think it’s unnecessary…

That’s literally what I said in my main post for how the ‘changes/upgrades’ should work

Yeah I was just summing up, by precising that I’m not sure this system should apply to traits :stuck_out_tongue:

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