Add ability to upgrade locked blessing/property

I think it would be fair if after one of the blessings/properties are locked, bcuz we rerolled another one, we should be able to update both weapon blessings/properties.
E.G. if i have a dagger with locked lacerations lv.2 i should be able to upgrade it to lacerations 3 and then 4 if i have it unlocked and the resources.
Same should apply to properties, if i have weapon with locked 4% crit chance then i should be able to upgrade it to 5% chance by paying X amount of resources or something.

What do u think guys?


I agree.

I already kinda accepted the perk/blessings locks after playing around with it for a bit (still not perfect and still annoying tho), but I defo wouldn’t mind if we could at the very least upgrade the locked ones with higher tier versions.

Wouldn’t even mind paying the cost akin to Re-Bless (dockets + mats).

That lil change will just decrease amount of rng, bcuz u will be looking for just perk type to lock knowing that you can upgrade it later :slight_smile: