I think with the new crafting Fatshark should let us remove a lock on a blessing and perk for an exorbitant price

I’m cool with jumping through a ton of hoops to remove a lock on a perk and blessing. Obviously after rerolling the unlocked perk/blessing it would lock the other perk/blessing.

Like maybe there can be a super rare item and high material price that can let us remove the lock, and it can only be done twice per item (once for a perk & once for a blessing).


I can get behind this idea, keep the motivation and incentive to continue working on it, with high value key items that you can use as a joker card to get exactly what you want in critical cases.


I believe the lock indicates that Devs just have no confidence on the blessing-balance,
They are afraid of that without the lock, every players may chase the same build.

BTW, that red lock icon is REALLY ugly !

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It won’t happen. Get over it.

Yes, more progressive progress, please, got a post about modifiers and how to increase those. A blessing unlock system would be nice as well

Short version of it. Do missions, get an option to target a modifier or more that you wanna increase, either using current materials or some new material, The closer you wanna get to 100% modifier the more costly it will get but at least you know you’ll get there in time.

This can be done to all rng in the game, just dont make it too easy but give us a choice to perfect a few items in time

What makes you say this? They are making tons of changes, why is this one set in stone? I’m genuinely curious :).

Exactly this, or have it cost a non-exorbitant amount.

There shouldn’t be a lock in the first place!
Putting a lock on blessings and perks is inherently anti-consumer as it forces you to keep grinding if you want the perfect gear in a game that is already perfused with RNG!
Stop supporting this malicious strategy.


I agree! Not only that, I think this has to be branched off to another game. So, DT becomes “select character” → “quick play”. And the Loadingstar and its shops become the “Darktide: Collectable Gear Game”.


I can live with the system they want to give us. I can even understand why they did it.
I am not complaining about it, even if there are things I don’t like.
Linked to your thread, I can understand that one perk is locked, but on curios there are two.
I would love that they find a system to permit us to reroll, even x times (like 4 times by example) one of the locked perk… But again, I can love the game even with that.

However, blessings and perks, this is purely intentional that they lock 1 / 2. So they won’t put a system that remove the limitation.

Finally i would like to point your sentence…
What did you see as change to say “ton of changes”?

There are slight changes on crafting system.
For the shop the changes are more importants. But for crafting, this is just slight changes.

10$ per trait / blessing per item?
seems fair!


Don’t give them ideas :see_no_evil:

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I’m sure they already thought of them. Once there is enough frustration, desperate people will do anything.

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Exactly this. It helps keep the player base from getting perfect weapons to fast while giving the players a way to not feel totally screwed if you get a bad roll.

They’ve already made a bunch of changes it could happen, and it would be a good compromise.

Fair enough, some changes, but again, why do you think this will not be one of them? You just say it’s intentional so they won’t remove it. That’s not a reason.

Oh, I was censored because the developers will not tolerate criticism of the game? Let me say it again. The locking traits part of the crafting system shows an intentional malice towards players of the game. Fatshark must actually hate the players of their game. They don’t want you to get good weapons, they just want you to grind indefinitely.

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At least Vermintide 2 had a functional crafting system, the developers are passionately determined to make Darktide a worse game in every way. Enjoy the mostly negative reviews.


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That’s my feeling… I said, when we have seen the open letter, that they would just make slight changes to the system. So, I am not bad at predictions… Lol (believe me I would have prefered to be wrong)

I think that, here, they don’t want that we can change both blessings or perks.
I said it, I really would love that we can, at least, reroll perks x times at max. Same for blessings…
But I really doubt it will happen, at least this year.

It shouldn’t be there to begin with.

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