Suggestion for the Blessings/Perk crafting for FatShark

So I know Fat Shark are gonna make it so you take the blessings/perks from an item to pass on to the item of your choice, but I think they should make it like a list type of deal. So you have to sacrifice an item with that specific Blessing/Perk you get it onto the list. So you have to sacrifice a whole bunch of stuff to get the list complete. Once you do you get to choose the blessing/perk, but at a steeper cost than normal maybe including the Ordo Dockets. Also have a chance of failure to installing the blessing/perk due to the machine spirit getting mad. You have to appease it with resources yeah, but you keep the RNG down to an extent in the long run. It lets grinders have their thing to grind for, it lets people min/max.

We could also have to get certain Machine Spirit Artifacts to unlock this and allow people to collect things other than Grims/Scriptures.

That is my suggestion, its probably a bad one, but I think if they want to keep a balance perspective wise with increasing resource expenditure due to allowing more freedom of choice.

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It’s planned to work like that already, it’s been in the crafting blog for a while now. Extract blessing, it gets stored at Hadron’s shrine, and then you can either directly put that on to another weapon or combine it with two other stored blessings (presumably the same blessing) to increase it’s tier.

IMO that’s just not good enough, it’s too limiting (just like the rest of the “crafting” system), but it’s what we’re gonna be stuck with by the looks of it.