Suggestions for crafting concerning RNG

So crafting would have been a good mechanic to alleviate the massive RNG from loot but instead it adds yet more RNG to the game. Vermintide 2, an action game with RPG elements, has more RNG than some RPGs.

So here’s some suggestions:

  • Rerolling properties: Why no give us an option to reroll both or just one property? Rerolling one will lock the second so it can’t be rerolled as well, rerolling both locks the ability to reroll one indidually. The Division does the former and it works perfectly fine.

  • Rerolling traits: Please implement something that prevents rerolling the same trait more than once in a row. I just rerolled a trinket and got the same trait six times in a row which is utterly frustrating and serves no purpose at all.

  • Upgrading: Don’t reroll properties on upgrading, you already get a second random property or a random trait which might have to be rerolled. Randomising properties on upgrade makes that mechanic pretty useless and you’re much better off just waiting for an orange and reroll that.

  • Let us manage all chars without having to switch, at the very least let us see what items each char has equipped.

  • Give Illusions unique names and better thumbnails or a preview.