Please don't make crafting random

While I no longer pretend to understand your decision-making process Fatshark, I feel obligated to make an earnest plea against the randomization in the upcoming crafting system. Despite four years of petition and feedback from the Vermintide 2 community about crafting, and despite your own claims to the contrary, the crafting system announced today relies entirely on random elements.

There is no control over perks, and the cost to reroll perks will apparently rise higher and higher with each failed attempt to get something desirable. This is simply a step back from Vermintide 2, where at least we had a fixed cost to mash the reroll button each time until we landed on a good combination. Now player will be punished for being unlucky, and not rolling good perks soon enough. The only saving grace here is that the value of these bonuses looks set, instead of a variable between and upper and lower boundary.

Votive offerings are an…interesting way to give players more control over impactful blessings. I’m excited to see what combinations of blessings I can construct, now that weapons can essentially have multiple ‘traits’ at a time. However, the systems behind acquiring these blessings depend on the rng shop refreshing, hour after hour, without any input or control from the player. How long will it take me to acquire enough low-level copies of the blessing I want to upgrade it to max level? I could have 3 purchasable weapons with that blessing, or none.

As we can see currently, upgrading weapons is also completely random. Random new perks, random new blessings, and a random higher item rating. There’s no other way to increase item rating, so when you upgrade an item to maximum rarity it may forever sit below its potential because the number attached to it isn’t big enough. In Vermintide 2 when we upgraded an item to red its power level was automatically improved to maximum.

Finally, not a word was written about Hadron’s ability to provide us with new weapons, so I have to assume there are no plans to include actual weapon crafting to get a specific new weapon. That means our only avenues for getting new weapons are the rng shop, the rng requisition, or the double rng emperor’s gift. I don’t think I can overstate how much of a downgrade this is from the previous game.


Is this true!?! ugh…

Ayup, so we’re going to have to RNG our way into multiple weapons, perks, and traits if we’re wanting to get a good to perfect weapon and curio for ourselves.

So everything learned from VT2 was printed out on the fatshark office printer and used for toilet paper these four years? Great!

This part is a bit misleading, since item level is just adding up the stats, properties, and traits together. I didn’t see a way to increase or modify the base stats for a weapon, so it looks like the ‘optimal’ way to craft your ‘perfect’ weapon is to grab a white with the highest score with a spread of what you want and RNG your way to add onto it.

TBH this system seems like a downgrade to VT2, which was a downgrade from VT1 imo. 1 had had the issue of depending on RNG to get the base weapon but once you had it, the only way was improvement despite the RNG nature of it. We could grab the properties we wanted, grab the trait we wanted, and then change the numbers on the properties but choose to keep what we had. Power level wasn’t a thing so the difference between a white that a lvl 1 got and a orange that a max level got was the traits and properties.

2’s improvement was that we could get the base item that we wanted at any time, but it was worse because it’s power level was RNG and good bloody luck getting the properties maxed out that you wanted.

I put in more hours into 2 once the Chaos Wastes dropped. The sole reason for that is that I was at ‘max’ for that game mode, and wasn’t trying to grind my gear. It wasn’t about chasing down the perfect gear for me, and if I got screwed by RNG, it only lasted that one run instead of for forever like the rest of the game. I still don’t have the loadouts that I wanted in the ‘base’ game because RNGeebus is a jerk.