Fatshark: "The nature of randomization and repetitive actions sometimes seen within crafting is something that we are steering to avoid in the crafting system within Darktide." - Also Fatshark: Refining is literally RNG on multiple levels

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Literally described RNG, where one perk is locked out so your RNG aquired weapon at the shop HAS to make it so only 1 perk needs rerolling. OR, when consecrating the weapon, the RNG granted perks, also have to line up.

There’s literally so many layers of RNG it’s insane.

From their dev blog about crafting - so it was basically just feeding us incorrect information. Basically the whole crafting blog is a lie. There’s no player agency here. There’s no “avoiding randomization” - you guys fully embraced it. There was no learning here at all.

You guys keep changing things for the worse without telling us, and when basically EVERYONE commented about how they hated the perk lock, that fell on deaf ears and was not changed. Why was that feedback not listened to? We’re getting to the point where I’m pretty sure I’m just not going to buy a Fatshark game again because the developers constantly don’t do what they say they’re going to do, and then seem to either not accept player feedback at all, or accept it at a glacier pace. It’s just wild.