Crafting - Reroll Properties

When rerolling item properties on an item can we get a dialogue to choose the next reroll.
Example we reroll a weapon and gives 3 choices at random of what the next properties are.

Good example of this is Crafting reroll system in Diablo 3.

This will prevent repeated duplicated choices and wasting tons of dust.

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There are to less rerolls + there are just 3 traits and 2 of them are rolled together.

You get the same things over and over again in diablo 3 too.

They could make it semi random meaning:
As long as you keep an item in the crafting slot (traits or properties), every trait / property combination you don’t keep and reroll is removed from the possibilities.
This means that you can not roll the same thing again until you rolled every possibility.
In case you messed up and rerolled the thing you actually wanted remove the item from the crafting slot and put it back in cleaning up the history.

This is still a system that works with your beloved RNG but will not **** anybody over.
Note that if you don’t tell anybody that it works this way most people will still believe it’s random and that’s all that counts in the end, satisfied costumers and SIGMAR’s RNG.


For Traits that would be quite useful, always getting what you want in N-1 rolls at most, N being the number of Traits. For Properties… not so much. Don’t forget that not everything rerolled is a red, so the Property percentages also matter. So getting the right Properties but low percentages would be more problematic and annoying (even if it could be counteracted by the remove-and-reset function), plus the thing that as Properties come in pairs, there are also a lot more variants for them.

Or every % chance is removed as well until you get maxed out after 500 dust. (It’s still only going to increase your chances)
But yeah V1 crafting was better.

I for the life of me cannot get attack speed + crit hit on my weapons anymore. I spent all last week trying to get it. Did like 50+ rerolls

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