Would like Dev's info on rerolling properties

Are there any restrictions on rolling two specific properties? Like I am rerolling like 50 times already for a revive speed/curse resistance combo and I haven’t seen them once.

afaik, no. But if you want a specific combination, the % probability to get it is very low.
For example I want a combination of CD reduction and Curse Resistance ona charm and it has proven… well, very hard. More than 50 rerolls until I gave up.

Yeah I feel you man. The properties for the last trinket slot has way too many probabilities.

I’ve seen that just an hour ago when I did some re-rolls.

Yea it’s hard to get. But I would suggest making more trinkets and keep the good rolled ones, as CDR+Curse isn’t that what you want on every class. Crit+Curse and Crit+CDR (in case one wants to make no-grim runs on legend/deeds) are the other two property combinations I kept, when rolling high on them.
That’s something I suggest for every piece of equipment. When you roll high on potential useful stats, better craft a new orange and keep rolling on this one. Crafting orange equipment is cheap, rolling is the limiting factor and you don’t want to go through the roll-hell for every new build you wanna try :slight_smile:

I have a power 190-something charm that gives me good stats. I have decided to wait until I have items of PL 300 to try and build up that again. I hope to have a lot of blue and green dust by then.
For me, Curse Resistance is a must, since I usually play Quick Play and everyone wants to get grims. Plus, as Sienna, I like to have at least 1 grim to improve my venting.
I also prefer more fixed stats, like the Cooldown Reduction, instead of improving the odds of a critical hit, for example. I like to have something reliable among so much RNG.

Yea sure, save everything up until you hit 300 =) I understand your arguing about critchance. But on some classes you want it (like when using ammo on crit trait on your ranged weapon; using sienna’s staff trait heat sink, which reduces overheat on crit; or you just want to increase your overall dmg because your ultimate is more defensivly or pretty fast anyway). And although crit is nothing you can rely on, it helps nontheless. Preventing risky situations by killing more.
Furthermore I agree that curse resistance is pretty much a must have. We’re taking every book we get, no matter how bad our situation is. We don’t want loot but difficulty. Every non fullgrim run is a failed run :rofl:

That is pretty much correct.
Except Empire in Flames. F*ck the second grim there :angry:

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