Blue Dust -> Property Values (Suggestion)

Got way too much blue dust compared to green. Rerolling Properties and Property Values at the same time seems stupid here. I’d suggest that green dust is used for rerolling properties and blue dust for rerolling property values. This makes sense for high level characters, too. One doesn’t need that much green dust, if it is only used for the right property stat combination and blue dust to get the best values on items. This also would make rerolling stats much less frustrating, getting good values but the wrong combination of properties is just driving me crazy.

In short:
Green Dust -> Reroll Property combination
Blue Dust -> Reroll Property values


Good idea

except you’re just saying that once you achieve a top rolled value, like 5% crit, or on trinket 5% movement speed is always at 100%, these values are easier to roll perfect with less variation than, for example: curse reduction or stamina regeneration. Which rolls with significantly more variables.

I kinda like the idea, however this is going to make things too simplistic and easy to get what you want. It would be nice to be able to lock in 1 property per item. but I don’t think that would happen either because they’re using RNG for perfect roll longevity at this point. The real endgame for perfect value rolls is supposed to be reds.

There is still a significant amount of RNG there. Locking in a property would certainly make it easy. I wouldn’t suggest that. And you can’t really plan on reds. Reds make it easy to get the right stats. But they are hard to get. It’s not like you would realisticly be able to get a red item in every slot. You might finally get a red item, but then it’s the wrong weapon and you don’t want to use it. Can’t balance around that. I consider them a prestige item, not something to balance the itemization around.

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