Why do you all have trouble with Green Dust?

Im confused…


+999 blue dust, 621 red dust… and only 460 green dust: see, it lacks :frowning:

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joke or nah ?

How many characters / careers do you play? Do you use the same 3 necklace/trinket/charm on all of them? Do you take “good enough” rolls on your properties or do you try to get it perfect?

If you re-roll stuff a lot and experiment with different weapons (and builds on that weapon) you may end up going through a metric crap ton of green dust depending on how lucky or unlucky your rolls are. I’m glad you’ve had enough for yourself but for some of us it is not even close.

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Gief… hahahha

If you commit yourself to do ONLY champion and legend green dust become issue

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I too dont understand why people having problems with dusts. Never in need of any dust since the begining.

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The fact that you got less green dust than any other should be enough of an indication.


I play every career and no I have 2 red necks, 3 red charms, and 7 red trinkets so I have a bit of versatility, but even before re-rolling those I re-rolled a few other items, some properties carry over quite well, neck and trinket for example I use the same set on everyone because at least for my play style I would argue there is a “best” or ideal set up. I guess Im just saying re rolling doesn’t even matter till you reach whatever “your” endgame is, and at that point how much do you really have to reroll?

for real, I never use it. I got all mine from commendations basically.

You know reds give perfect rolls, right? I have no reds at all (kind of bummed since I have about 110 hours in the game) so already that’s a lot more re-rolls for me right there. Not even trying for perfect, but a lot of rolls are just both properties on the low end so I have to keep on rolling to try for better.

That’s great you figured out your playstyle, but have a little understanding that other people have different playstyles. Mine changes a lot, for example playing Shade vs playing Foot Knight.

Yes? But I still have to reroll them to what I want stat wise. Also things like Revive Speed / Curse resist on trinket is fairly universal, same with 2 stam / +20% health on neck, I guess im just curious why people are re-rolling so much, post getting people to 30 I don’t think I re-rolled till I got reds.

You aware that not everyone gets red drops like crazy, right?


Quite simple: If you want a certain prop combination AND decent % u gotta reroll considerably more unless you get lucky.

So this thread isn’t a joke : /

Well i may be a bit penile about which % i want on my gear, but mind you not everyone are getting reds left and right i have 1 red item on a class i barely play over 170 hours on ONLY leg / champion.
I’m unlucky sure, but that doesnt discredit the fact that green dust is a component that’s in high demand, and is fairly ‘‘rare’’ when you compare it to blue dust which by rpg standards should be ‘‘harder’’ to come by.
And then you pile on how many rerolls are required for certain affixes on items, sure you can do with 7-9% but what if you want 10% ?
This may be coming of as rant-ish, but we can compare your amount of crafting mats to mine and we can CLEARLY see a resemblance.

This being that Green>Orange>Blue which is completely fubar …Honestly

Also anyone that says ‘‘but you know you can just get full reds ? they always roll max’’. I doubt that’s the intended design.


This is more what my inventory looks like. Most my “parts” go to extracting illusions I don’t have. I’m still mid reroll on some items because after 50 tries usually stop for a while just because its so disheartening.

I’m at 140ish hours, not 100% sure, and I have no reds.

With the changes to the loot system I’m not only low on green but also low on orange dust currently.
This however comes from the godawful oversight in designing the crafting system however, I will repeatedly roll the same traits over and over and over again or get stuck between two of the same traits. I’ve lost a good 100++ orange/gold dust between all five item slots spread over my characters simply trying to escape getting stuck on the same trait and if lucky actually see another trait despite it not being what I’m after.

I agree with you fully on this, it’s pretty silly to propose the solution to be the absolute extreme opposite of the situation, there needs to be a reasonable middle-ground between scratching the bottom of the barrel for scraps and lazymode if you want to have a comfortable playing experience. Maybe not for a level 5 that just bought the game but surely for someone past level 15-20 or with several 30s.

Edit: I’m also poor on the dust because no matter what chest I drop all I seem to get is full blues or 1-2 greens and a blue, be it commendation, emperor or anything below.

I like to experiment a lot, and when I find working build, I tend to move to smth else after couple days. And amout of green dust limits your will to try. And I fell like it’s wierd, because it is a significant feature of the game. It would make sense if it was somekind of f2p model, when you can $buy some dust if you really want to try everything, but that’s not the case nor it was intended.

500 blue 0 green. Enough said.

You’re rolling for curse resist and crit. They’re rolling for curse resist above 20% and crit above 3%.

Cool bro. You played the game so much that you dont need to roll anything anymore and are accumulating resources because you dont use them. That doesnt make our problem go away. Now show me a screenie of your hours, please.

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