Im running Low on dust

So ive come by a problem on my end and i just want to ask if anyone else is having this problem. I literally have near to none dust. I have 4 green dust and 7 blue dust.

Is this just me messing up when trying to get good properties which in itself can take like 20+ spins just to get what you want.

They did add a the converter for orange dust but that doesn’t really help considering i only have 70 of that.

Is anyone else having this problem to the point where they are just winging it and going with whatever properties a item has?

Like i would love an option to change scrap into dust because i have a lot of that.

It also doesn’t help that i play legend and all the items i normally get from crates or Orange or red, But im not going to go back to lower difficulties just to get dust. Just want to add on aswell that i once used like 50+ dust just to get crit power and crit chance.

Are you only rerolling reds?

Unless you are rerolling your stats whilst drunk then I don’t know how you can be empty.
Either that or you just don’t salvage your scraps at all.

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Well, I scrap everything i have apart from the things i need which are my red items

I have been rerolling reds for the most part and it always ends with me using so much dust, just to get what i want or close to what i want. I must be really unlucky

Rerolling can some times use alot of dust. If you have alot of scrap you can always forge new weapons or trinkets and then scrap them for dust. Farming on lower difficulties might also be the answer if you have other characters to level otherwise can just farm legond or champion because you will also get alot of xp for commendation chest as well.

I personally have not had this issue yet but I tend to hoard alot of stuff in games, still have 300+ chests to open

If you do a lot of rerolling for different stuff, you will end up low on dust, moreso if you don’t have the reds to save some. While a single roll only takes up one of each relevant dust, getting just the right pair of Properties can easily eat up 50 or more of them (and quite some time), a lot more if you have to consider the percentages too.

Each chest you open brings up only a few dust effectively, so you’ll have to get a lot of loot to get even one item’s worth of rerolls. That’s simply the way it’s been designed, and it’s very unlikely to change. If you want new stuff simply for testing, go to Modded Realm and load a few relevant mods there; if you want to play more with your new stuff you could revisit some of your older builds and try combining them in new ways.

I am running low on dust too right now.
I’ve rerolled everything I wanted on Kerillian, and moved on Sienna. Still need 2 staves to be done, and the properties is nowhere to be found (and it does exist, I’ve seen it a hell lot of times on other ranged weapon while rerolling)

Just chiming in to say im good for dust, ive got acceptable rolls on every accessory and weapon for every character and im sitting at 500+ blue dust, havent had to touch the dust converter either.

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