Resource requirement change for rolling item properties

Under the current pace of acquiring greens on a 600 power character doing legend runs, I am left with a green to blue dust ratio of approximately 1:10. This is a major restriction to the possibility of item property experimentation due to running out of green dust long before running out of blue dust.

An argument may be made along the lines of “farm more green dust”. However, this doesn’t solve the issue that one will always have a massive stock of unused blue dust nor the fact that farming green dust is a massive time sink that I feel is unintended. Furthermore, I would like to point out that in the game’s current state, experimenting on one character for one specialization is extremely difficult.

It is true that rushing through low-end content may help someone acquire more greens, but at what cost?

One elegant solution to the current problem is as follows:

  • Rolling item property stats will automatically use 2 green dust until the player has 1 or 0 green dust. Then the rolling system will automatically switch to using 2 blue dust until the player has 1 or 0 blue dust.

I’d like to close this out by saying this change is to encourage more in-depth gameplay. Vermintide is life, life is Vermintide.

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