Crafting Time Efficiency - What is worth rerolling?

I’m concerned with the time and efficacy of spending crafting material on rerolling properties.

When looking for specific properties + values, red items are the only things worth your time to reroll.
For trinkets (with 7 different property types), there is a 1/21 chance* that you roll the correct property types.
For non-reds, trying to get those same properties with good values lowers your odds even more.
Aiming for the top fourth of the value range, the odds of rolling what you want drop to 1/336.
With about 3 seconds to reroll, on average you’d spend ~15 minutes trying to get good stats for good properties on an orange trinket.

*Trinkets are actually a little better than this, b/c movement speed doesn’t have a range. Other items have more options for properties have worse odds, which means more time spent rolling.

Whats the point of having all this, if rerolling is (usually) a waste of your time until you have reds?



Red items are still rare, for most players anyway. So we have to settle for rolling for Orange ones. Worse waste, in my opinion, is to waste my time waiting until I get the very best situation to use or do something, while that very best may not ever come. Of course, your time is yours to use.

As I play with my friends, there are waiting times when someone goes to take a dump, or eat, or whatever. I use those for optimizing. Besides, by trying to optimize your time used for rolling by waiting for reds, you are effectively wasting your collected resources. If you won’t use a resource, it quits being one.

Weigh up, which takes longer: Running Legend (I assume) with very suboptimal equipment until you get the reds to roll, or to use 20 minutes now to roll for close to optimal one, and quite possibly take that time back by having somewhat easier (and thus, faster) runs after that?

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The gameplay you are describing, where you spend 20 minutes of time rerolling, is 20 minutes I’d rather be doing anything else.
While I don’t find it compelling at all to sit at the crafting screen waiting for good rolls, maybe someone does.

If you won’t use a resource, it quits being one.

Yes, and my concern is that rerolling costs 2 resources. My time, and crafting materials. To me, the time is the vastly more valuable resource, and I do use it. Just not on re-rolling oranges. B/c the crafting materials are inconsequential compared to my time, I don’t even think about them when making decisions about gear. I’d prefer a tradeoff where I spend more (vastly more?) crafting material to save my time.
Like, if choosing properties on a red cost 50 of each dust, I would do that.
If choosing properties on an orange (with the values still being random) cost 50 dust, I would do that.

I would much rather have a system that allows us to choose what property or trait we want on our item & pay specifically for those properties and traits instead of the randomness they have now. It’s very annoying spending 20-30 minutes trying to get a decent roll on an item. Like, just let me pick what I want and play the game. Crafting is not at all fun right now.


I agree. Especially after, 1.5, certain properties have become quite important. I fail to see any reason to use RNG to distribute properties. Its just a waste of time at this point.

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