Green Dust farming is a nightmare

Good to know. Was going to post about that, but if what you say is true, then I’ll just look forward to more good things from ol’ FS. This latest patch seems good so far. Haven’t given it a huge go-around yet, but the changes look nice.

I’ve seen some people like that. But speaking for myself and a number of others, I’m pretty satisfied with results like you posted. As you say, 1% more or less attack speed is going to make a negligible difference. I generally just want to get the properties I want and for them to hopefully not be completely bad(e.g. getting crit chance/crit power with essentially lowest rolls).

That being said, I could certainly use more green. I’ve got a metric ton of blue dust and a good heaping pile of orange. It’s the green that eludes me. Once you sort of hit “big dog game” where you get mostly blues/oranges due to the quality of chests you are acquiring, getting greens is essentially a chore. An improvement to the current dust situation would be awesome and in one of the threads a non-dev said they are apparently working on some kind of better system for the dusts. If this is the case, it should make the game more enjoyable for sure. As it is, a lot of the improvements they worked hard on seem great so far.

Guys, i give you an example for those who claim that we dont have green dust because of maxing out every item or what else.

Before i even started to use the dust, i reached hero power 600 with every hero. I saved about 400 green dust in that time, so i used the dust to reroll properties to get at least the desired combination for every hero on every item i got. No maximisation of stats, it was primarly about the combination.

I lost easily 400 green dust for the rerolling of desired combinations on one melee item for every hero, one range item for every hero, two necklaces, one charm and three trinkets. Let that be a prime example of how ridiculous the system is, because i lost all my saved green dust (thats about 80hours of gaming) only for property combinations on a handfull of items.


And that’s just for getting the baseline done. Imagine if you like to experiment with different weapons ( esspecially the weaker ones ) and trying to make different playstyles work for which you need to have specific properties. I’m playing way less right now because i have a few ideas for fun combinations to try but i can’t because i have 0 green and 400 blue dust.

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Yes, they have acknowledged this some time back when people complained about it. From what they said then is that they are working on a system, which means a new menu, converstation rates and so on, so it’s not clear how far they’ve come but I’m guessing that the bugs are a priority now.

Exactly. It’s not about getting perfect rolls. Simply trying to get the 2 properties you want, regardless of the numbers themselves, burns through dust. When I hit power level 200 for gear I decided to craft and roll gear for all my careers, along with 1 necklace/charm/trinket. What I noticed is that to simply get my 2 preferred properties (in any amount), I would use on average about 50-60 dust per item, easily. In your case with 400 dust, you can do about 8 items and then you’re done. After 80 hours of gameplay. Kinda crazy.

And like the guy above me said, this discourages experimenting around with non-meta builds and weapons. It forces you to pick the meta careers, with the meta weapons, with the meta properties/traits. You don’t have enough dust to do otherwise and make a mistake.


Wtf? So now we are the problem and not green dust? ._.
Green dust mechanic is so shameful: melting blue items gives us blue dust, re-rolling blue items needs blue and green one. So should we play badly on purpose?


TBH, I think that with the exchange system a lot of this will be fixed.

HOWEVER! I would like to see a system where I can reroll just one trait at a time, maybe if it cost 2 dust instead of one or one is bound to green and one is bound to blue dust so you can reroll one at a time.

Every single player in my group is battling heavily with this issue. I am personally up to 0 green and 400 blue.

The problem is that choices made in Vermintide 2’s design have vastly exacerbated the issue. The new loot design is not just a response to not getting the loot you wanted for your main character in Vermintide 1; in addition to this, the new systems, like a) quickplay, which leads to character collisions, b) separate careers for all characters, and c) commendation chests being awarded from leveling up different characters were always intended to promote a more diverse character selection in Vermintide 2 than in Vermintide 1, where most players focused on just one character.

The green dust issue is especially pertinent to players who no longer just “main” one character but who seek to get a full loadout for multiple classes to be able to be teamplayers.

This means that maximizing your charms, necklaces and trinkets becomes supremely important. You need several of each, all rolled, for different characters. The fact of the matter is that players that care about proper career play, are going to need a vast amount different traits and properties for different heroes and their careers.

Given there are no failsafes in the game, you could roll trinket X or charm Y a thousand times and never get a good roll. We have to keep this in mind every time these complaints are made. Just because some players have gotten adequate, passable, or even perfect rolls easily, doesn’t mean there are tons of players who haven’t.


How do no book runs on champ/legend work out?

Meh, you sure get some greens from no book runs but it is certainly not worth it. I did speedrun screaming bells solo on veteran with handmaiden, but it is still not efficient enough to get a significant amount of green dust to actually do something with it.

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LoL currently i see more joy when i get green item than legendary :stuck_out_tongue:
This is wrong i guess


Let’s not even mention the idea of “farming” for green dust. This is clearly not the developer’s intention.

Their idea is for players to play on the correct difficulty at all times. This is why Veteran boxes now go up to 300 power level and not up to 200, and why Fatshark’s Robin has written extensively about the balance of Champion and Legend.

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This is a big problem. I have more gratification when i get a green object than an orange object. Something is wrong.

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Up. Fatshark acknowlege pls any of Green dust threads

I ve got 300 blue and 4 green dust atm.


How many times do we need to say this! THEY HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED IT! They are working on an exchange system but it’s yet to be implemented!

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Proof pls

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if you hate speedruns and have leveled all characters to 10+, you are out of luck

These are the two ways to get green dust:
a)Do speedruns
b)Keep 1 character on lvl 7, and open all commendation and <champ chests on that character

Do NOT try to complete the game’s achievments (get all characters to 30), because then you will not get green dust ever again, except from speed runs

if you’ve got someone around level 10-12 still you can also craft items on them. gives you green items on most crafts

For finding greens in chests, your lvl should be 7, I tested it myself. By lvl 10 most chests will be filled with blues