Red drops decreased after 1.0.6?

@valicious @Revy Idk what are you talking about guys. They OFFICIALLY have HIGHER PRIO right now.

Honestly as a player I have no idea what may have higher priority, mb there is a meteor flying to earth and we are all doomed or something. But if the devs say, that there is a higher priority, than the biggest issue this game has atm, which can be hotfixed in 20 minutes btw, then who am I to question them?

I don’t have any green dust issues, so as far as im concerned anything has higher prio.

Imo the dust, crafting, and drop rate issues all go hand in hand. Ultimately, end game progression is non existent, which makes playing very frustrating, especially when there are so many other bugs at play. It would be easier to tolerate the plethora of issues if we could work on crafting/improving perfect exotic weapons instead of just banging or heads against the wall hoping for reds. The lack of the Invocation crafting option puts players at a real disadvantage.

Feels like fatshark actuality decreased red drop rate to 0 until they fix no illusions and default (no shiny stuff) illusions on red items. Can anyone confirm they had red from chest after 1.06?

I have been suspicious of this. The general lack of transparency makes any such practice seem plausible right now.

Idk, maybe you don’t play that many characters, or maybe you do not try out all the weapons they have.

I only managed to roll optimal properties for 16 out of 54 melee weapons before completely running out of green dust. I don’t take ranged into account, because on all but 3 of them I cared only about crit. And I wasn’t even picky. The only thing I care about for melee weapons, is for AS to be more than 4%. So I have no idea how can’t you have any problems with your green dust. Also: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Fun fact: the last 140 green dust I wasted trying to roll crit + damage vs Monsters on my red Kerillian crossbow, which means I didn’t care for the numbers at all. And I didn’t get it.

P.S. But how much more blue dust compared to green dust do you have?

Agreed. But we can still define the priorities. And imho green dust has problem a higher one, because not only it is urgent, but also easy to fix.

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before patch, no reds, after patch, i have triple red trinkets, 1 charm, hagbane, longbow, snd, 1h sword, 2h sword, glaive, volley xbow… 2 reds from emp champion and the rest from vaults (emp vaults have such a good chance for reds i feel)

i dunno, for me the patch upped my chances a lot i feel

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170 hours played
characters are level 30+25, 30+3, 26, 20, 1
Probably 50/50 mix of champ and legend with deeds thrown in when i get them
0 reds 0 cosmetics :frowning:

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=( darn

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Since 1.06, i have gotten 3 red drops, all from champion generals chests (strangely, no emp). 2 Trinkets (rip) and got my first weapon, a red dwarf gun (looks beautiful but its a gun so meh) . I just farm champ (since its so high % win rate w/ 2g 3t). i have somewhere around 120 real hours played (non afk). It deff feels higher for drop rates. I hope you get some soon! I just want red weapons so i can glow :smiley:

Well, that was just a luck on your street. Cause I’ve got 4 reds for about 300 hours playing, doing champions with all, and legend with elf and kruber.

Two pairs of duplicates btw. Two 2h swords and two swift bows. Same skins even.

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3 reds since the patch! All charms…

It’s so difficult to read these threads of feedback to make needed logical connections for this new game when there’s lies scattered through the discussions. Referring to a comment above: “Immediately post 1.0.5 I opened ~13 reds in a day or so”

No, you didn’t.

Yeah, I did. Hence why the massive swing makes it look like things are broken. On what grounds could you possibly suggest that’s a lie in a game with this many bugs?

I play every hero and have a “mostly” optimal set up for everyone, I didnt attempt to get perfect rolls on everything just the stats I wanted for what I have that isn’t Red aka both weapons for everyone but Kruber.

That said I have +999 Blue dust and +545 Green Dust.

Show a screen.

A screen… Of me opening my reds all around the same time… Yeah, okay XD

I could show you the reds I have left over multiple screenshots but that’s kinda pointless. Also, why would anyone lie about that?

Or you could show the culmination of your reds, which I’m sure will have all of the 15 you mentioned earlier that you apparently got in a single day.

If he saved up boxes its totally plausible, I was in game with @OenKrad when he opened the boxes he saved (113 boxes for 9 reds) and that was in a single day.

I didn’t save boxes. I’ll post pics in a sec to shut his smug ass up.

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