Red drops decreased after 1.0.6?

Idk, maybe you don’t play that many characters, or maybe you do not try out all the weapons they have.

I only managed to roll optimal properties for 16 out of 54 melee weapons before completely running out of green dust. I don’t take ranged into account, because on all but 3 of them I cared only about crit. And I wasn’t even picky. The only thing I care about for melee weapons, is for AS to be more than 4%. So I have no idea how can’t you have any problems with your green dust. Also: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Fun fact: the last 140 green dust I wasted trying to roll crit + damage vs Monsters on my red Kerillian crossbow, which means I didn’t care for the numbers at all. And I didn’t get it.

P.S. But how much more blue dust compared to green dust do you have?

Agreed. But we can still define the priorities. And imho green dust has problem a higher one, because not only it is urgent, but also easy to fix.

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