Red drops decreased after 1.0.6?

Hey, just curious if anyone else seems to be having issues or have you found a red since 1.0.6
Prior to 1.0.5 I was finding a red roughly every 35-40 vaults
Post 1.0.5 it was about every 10-12 almost on the dot
Post 1.0.6 im currently at 64 opened vaults with 0 red drops
Wondering if anyone else is having issues, or if I just hit an unlucky streak.

In tems of feedback, I just want to highly suggest we impliment a way to change currently obtained reds into other reds via either red dust or the ability to reroll reds using currently obtained crafting materials, I am slightly bias for advocating this change because I have 17 reds and only 4 usable ones, but it seems like a lot of people have that exact problem. I.e 9 necklaces or what have you. Essentially I feel like myself and these individuals have already put in the grind time, even if reds do get drastically fixed to drop more frequently or become quest rewards, we have already farmed so many it would be nice to have them be usable. I know i have said this before but with 1.0.7 looming around the corner I wanted to just present the idea once more.

  • Prior to 1.0.5 I went my entire playtime w/o a single red.
  • Immediately post 1.0.5 I opened ~13 reds in a day or so, two in one vault at one point: 2x Sword, 2x Flaming Sword, 2x Necklace, 2x Charm, ~5x Trinket (I think, from memory)
  • Post 1.0.6 I have yet to open a single red again. Not only that, but I don’t even seem to get exotics as much anymore. Rares have become the norm, regardless of vault type.

Since we have no information on how the rolls are happening it’s impossible to say but there certainly felt like there were just -massive- changes, beyond the realm where it could be purely coincidental, after each patch.

On top of the sudden change in vault rewards, my game is also one of the ones that is now getting perma-dicked by the ai director with spawn rates across the spectrum being well in excess of what one would normally see in a typical more waves + bigger waves + more specials deed prior to the patch. Overall, my game feels like I was dating it but then I slept with its sister and instead of ending things, the game wants to “work it out,” so it just pours scalding coffee on my nuts every morning and tries to lowkey make my life a living hell (not based on a true story).

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Legend Duo 60 specials, like… excuse me?

Sounds more like you’re both very lucky and that luck ran out or dipped for a while. I and 4 others I commonly play with on champ and legend have found a total of 2 reds ever. That’s many hundreds of boxes opened.

Eh… I wouldn’t consider myself lucky, ive done enough legend to have a collective hero level of 294, the so having 17 reds to me isn’t much of a feat, it just shows I sunk a lot of time in, but im clearly unlucky finding only 4 usable ones.

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Definitely lucky when compared to anyone I know. Seems to be a matter of perspective. But given the number of complaints I’ve seen about opening many 100s of boxes and never seeing a red, I’d say my case is more the norm than yours. My collective hero level is not much lower.

I also counted the other 4 players that I run legends with and they are all similar character levels to mine. So that’s probably over 1000 collective level and we’ve found a total of 2 (maybe 3) between us.

did you save boxes for 1.0.5 drop?

That much of a luck shift from patch to patch to patch seems highly improbable.

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That much luck in the first place is highly improbable, so you are already in the realm. Definitely can’t rule it out.

That’s what we’re saying though, that it’s not luck it’s that the patches have derped something up, since the odds of that happening naturally are extremely low and others seem to share a near identical existence.

Eh… its basically a bell curve, people will always be standard deviations from average in terms of RNG luck. I havent met a ton of people with more reds than myself, but i’ve met plenty with more usable ones. I.E people with sub 200 hours with full “meta” red set ups and a cosmetic. RIP

When patch 1.0.5 hit I opened 113 boxes and got 9 reds + 10 deeds. A decent drop rate. I’ve heard from people that after 1.0.6 though their luck really dropped. I haven’t opened any boxes since 1.0.6 since I open boxes in batches, so I have no personal input on 1.0.6.

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204 hours
Dozens of General / Emperor champ chests
at least 50 legend chest from solider to emperors
0 reds
0 cosmetics
In act of desparation I even manage to reroll my legendaries to near perfect state.
Damn I woud wish that red trinket at least :-/ or just charm

i just lol ti myself when I see you guys geting multiple ones, or duplicates even

I mean that sounds right, unfortunately champ chests have abysmal drop rates and 50 legend chests outside of the 1.0.5 window prolly wouldn’t yield a red

Which is pretty unacceptable, all things considered :frowning:

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Oh I totally agree, post 1.0.5 im now on 68 consecutive non red boxes from legend. Feelsbadman. Like I have fun doing deeds and such and the gameplay is good but the game gets dry fast when you don’t have the item you want and kind of give up on getting it due to absurd RNG.

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Yup, the lack of reds and green dust is why i’m not playing anymore. I don’t want to spend 100 hours playing and make no progress on gear :P. It’s really sad. This game has a TON of potential but the end game is almost non-existent. I’ve been keeping tabs on forum just in the hopes that they were going to address this. Sadly, just earlier today a dev posted green dust isn’t a priority :frowning:. Maybe in a couple months they’ll fix it :slight_smile:

Also I had the same experience with red drops in .6…nowhere to be found lol


I saw that post, it looks like other things will be implemented shortly however that might make gearing better, slightly less grindy perhaps.

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@valicious @Revy Idk what are you talking about guys. They OFFICIALLY have HIGHER PRIO right now.

Honestly as a player I have no idea what may have higher priority, mb there is a meteor flying to earth and we are all doomed or something. But if the devs say, that there is a higher priority, than the biggest issue this game has atm, which can be hotfixed in 20 minutes btw, then who am I to question them?

I don’t have any green dust issues, so as far as im concerned anything has higher prio.

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