ReRolling Item Properties Probelms

Simple as the title gents, ReRolling items to get your perfect stats or trying another build takes A LOT of dust…ALOOTTTTTT!

Since there is no option to “Lock” one stat into place that you want forever on that item with the other stat being able to ReRolled as many times as needed in other stat based games (Diablo, PoE)

So now we are slightly forced to farm lower tiered levels to farm greens so we can further reroll our gear which can be a lot of work for people who can’t really put in a significant time/effort into the game to try and get to the “end game”.

What I am proposing is this,

  1. The ability in “Crafting” to break down 1 blue dust into 3 green dust…and 3 green dust to 1 blue dust.

  2. Achieving a certain level/Power level you no longer require green dust to ReRoll your item’s properties…Green dust then becomes 3 Green dust to 1 Blue dust conversion.

I feel this could greatly assist players both in the softcore as well as the hardcore community with allowing for greater future plans for “Crafting”

For Chaos,

similar things have been suggested already. the official word atm is they are aware of the green dust problem but it’s not a priority at the moment.

1, 2, 3, 4.

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