Any news for GREEN dust? devs-mods pls respond

i got to the point where i have all characters lvl 30 and running only legend.
and no!! dont tell me to run vet no books.
in vt1 all i run was cata late game and at some point i was full of orange to roll as i please.
but in vt2 on late game i have to play vet bc of green dust NO WAY!


Considering the changes they made in the last patch, and how often this gets brought up, I have to assume this isn’t an easy fix. It needs to be fixed but the fact that they haven’t changed it yet makes me believe its not as easy as we’d like to think.

I’m not making excuses, it totally needs to be fixed. It should be on their white board of top 5 issues.


All of their top issues should have been lessons learned from VT1. It’s like they just totally ignored all of the fixes and improvements that were required in the original.


u have a point and u scare me ;(
i hope this is not true story

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Don’t be ridiculous. At least a quick patch to change 1 green and 1 blue to just 1 blue for orange and red weapons is trivial to implement no matter how you look at it. From coding perspective it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to change it.


i encounter same problems-bugs in VT2 that they fixed in VT1

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Just used my last green dust.
Send help.


Fair to assume you haven’t done much programming? You don’t know how that code is seeded in other parts of their code. Excellent example is WoW. They are unable to increase the starting bag size because the way it was coded it breaks other parts of the game code.

Given how well they’ve responded to community requests for changes, ie the boss’s now dropping loot dice, I have to assume it’s because it’s not a 10 minute fix.

I’m not making excuses for them… this needs to get fixed or they need to communicate to the player base why they can’t fix. Its just frustrating hearing people claim “its just a 10 minute fix” on something that obviously isn’t.

Totally agree with this. FS Should have seen this coming as an issue.


lol, spoken like someone who is clearly not a software developer


When I was younger and more foolish, I would reroll 150power items… back in those days… everyone thought the same! We never knew how good we had it… until the day the dust ran out.

IMO this is the biggest problem with the game currently. I’d really like it if a dev would chime in with what’s being done and maybe a rough eta of the patch for it.


Especially when devs try 2 rebalance certain weapons this issue becomes even greater. I just can’t test some of newly buffed stuff 2 c how it works coz i need 2 craft weapons I don’t have, and then reroll some stats on them 2 get at least ok, not decent rolls, but i just run out of green dust and that’s all.

Idk why green dust is only for green weapons. The salvaging system that they need to fix should be 1 orange gear = 3 green, 2 blue,1 orange and 1 blue gear = 2 blue, 1 green. 1 green gear = 1 green dust. Then add a way to convert dusts.

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Oh, you couldn’t be any more wrong on that point and you just proved how clueless you are about it. I have been working as a programmer for a few years and studying programming for the last 10 years maybe so you could say that I’m a bit more knowledgeable than you guys.
There is 100% chance that there is a simple configuration file for all crafting costs like for all variables which are subject to change. That is basic programming knowledge in case you didn’t know. 10 minutes was an exaggeration by the way. It should take less than a minute to find the correct variable and change it to a different value for a person who is familiar with the code unless they are slacking off at their job and watching cat videos while pretending to work.
Anyway, keep lying to yourselves that the devs are trying hard and that it is their highest priority but it’s just too hard for them, lol.

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What would you consider to be a long term sustainable change to the crafting system?

While small numbers changes can be a solution in the short term I think they are looking at the bigger picture before pushing out large scale changes.

I also believe that the green dust problem is not a problem for the vast majority of players, thus it isn’t and shouldn’t be their priority.

This. Vast majority of playerbase is not playing exclusively legend so there aren’t many people who have this issue. I hope devs in one of the upcoming patches either let green and blue items be rerolled with 1 green dust and orange and red items with 1 blue dust or overhaul the crafting system completely since it isn’t well thought out (too many trinkets, scrap cost on illusion extraction, rerolling rng in general, too many weapon and trinket fragments etc.)

well how much blu dust i have i will say blu dust only to roll. and im sure that will be a good choice for long run.
this is a problem GREEN dust are a problem and this should be a high priority to fix!!!
idk how much hours u have in game and what difficulty u play bc im sure u will run in this problem long run-legend only play

For you it is a high priority but I ASSUME most people play veteran difficulty and are not level 30 yet, never mind min maxing their items.

I have 80 hours in with two level 30’s kitted out and have 400 green dust and play mostly champion difficulty with my friends and sometimes pug legend. I understand that it is a problem but EVEN IF I had this problem also I wouldn’t consider it a priority.

I like some parts of the crafting system and I REALLY like the loot system. It what attracted me and my friends to the game in the first place. Gives us something to chase after.

I think with a few patches out the way the crafting system will be fine and they will have a good base to build on.

“Doesnt affect me, isnt a problem” Thats what you are saying essentially. And that is a ridiculous stance to take. Does it hurt you if they put in a conversion system? Does it hurt you if they make rolls on orange weapons only take blue dust? No? Dont debate that its a priority for a significant portion of the playerbase.

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