Any news for GREEN dust? devs-mods pls respond

“Doesnt affect me, isnt a problem” Thats what you are saying essentially.

but EVEN IF I had this problem also I wouldn’t consider it a priority.

I am capable of understanding a problem without having the problem myself.

Does it hurt you if they make rolls on orange weapons only take blue dust? No? Dont debate that its a priority for a significant portion of the playerbase.

If you read my post I used the scale of the players affected as a reason why it more than likely isn’t a priority for the developers at the moment.

As has been stated before, changing the code for dust will most likely not be an issue. I am assuming, the same way you do. Doing so will not take away alot of developer time. Why push something back that requires minor work time behind a project that requires all hands on deck.

I feel like you have made your mind up on this issue so talking about it won’t get us anywhere.

If you think this is about convincing people, you are mistaken. Its about feedback, and if even one player thinks that an issue is there, then there is reason to “talk about it”. And its clearly not only one player, seeing the number of threads made with the exact same problem, with alot of likes and comments supporting them.

Sorry, I should have said “spoken like someone who is clearly not a GOOD software developer”.

Obviously changing a variable is a simple task of finding where the variable is and changing it. However a good software developer will take the time to appropriately vet and test the change, merges take time, patch deployments take time, announcements take time, and without knowing inside information about the Fatshark dev workflow we can’t say what other parts about it might take time. Before long you’ve racked up a whole bunch of developer time and resources implementing what amounts to a band-aid fix to placate the few people throwing tantrums about green dust.

That’s a lot of time to waste on something when instead they could spend it building and implementing what will be the actual long term fix.


I am not trying to convince anyone about anything. I just commented on why it shouldn’t be a priority to fix above everything else.

I don’t think every discussion over an in game issue has to resort to everyone picking one side or the other.

Dude, you’ve played 80 hrs and have 400 green dusts, but I have couple of friends with ~100hrs played, we play some legend or full book champ when they lvl up their small characters. And they started to run out of green dusts like week ago. From my own expirience, the more time you play tse bigger this problem becomes, and it’s just not right.

I understand the problem. It isn’t complicated. At no point said it wasn’t an issue that needed to be addressed.

Mate, did you even read the discussion or are you just trying to insult everybody because you’re really insecure about yourself and lonely or just trolling? This discussion was about whether it was hard remove the green dust requirement and 2 separate people feared that it was very hard to implement and I pointed out that making such a change was trivial so the only reasons is that devs have other higher priorities priorities or working on a crafting overhaul entirely.
Also if you want to get into discussion about how much time it takes, there is nothing much to test, and there are probably unit tests already implemented to check if any changes break anything so it is all automatic and require no extra time, it is obvious that such simple change wouldn’t break game balance, patch deployments take a few hours, announcements take less than an hour depending on changes and so on. Anyway such tiny change as quickfix could have been added to any of the previous patches making all of your points invalid and making it a 1 minute change. But, please, tell me more about how smart you are and everybody else are lesser human beings compared to such as yourself.


after some search on this forum and steam forum there is a lot of GREEN dust problem post-thread.
again i will say a top priority to fix.
80h in game and most of the time u play champ OK! and im sure some time u get bless by RNG and lose 1-3 books in some runs and when u open that champ chest some time u get a green weapon-item. im at 400+h so yeah i say it a LONG game run and legend only play. if i lose 1-3 books all i get is blu stuff.
and dont worry u will get afected by it at some point lets say 200+h in game all u need 1-3 reds and get BLESS by rng and spend 50+ or 100+ to roll 1 item

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