Crafting system/dust reward simply don't work

I had about 20 green dust and 100 blue dust. To get wanted bonus on one single red item I have used all of them… dust that I have farmed after 5 days.

Please, add more dayly quests; but mainly blue items (that they need blue/green dust for the reroll) should give us blue and green dust. Orange items should give us green, blue and orange dust.

If an average gamer had ‘‘wasted’’ too much dust to get decent bonus on orange items when red items were just a mirage… now he is simply stuck. He can’t equip all careers, he can’t ‘‘play a part of the game’’.

I believe you can convert dust into dust of a lower grade. So you can convert orange into blue and blue into green.

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Yes, but this is just a ‘‘diversion’’! One time you have converted all ‘‘higher grade dust’’ the problem appears again. The foundations are wrong.

Hehe, I used for some of my reds around 150+ rolls, it’s 300+ dust, some on one charm I’ve spent around 500 dust before I gave up on that what I wanted…

Overall nice crafting system, HAIL RNGesus KAPPA.


@souI23’s problem seems to be the dust amounts in general, not any specific dust. It’s quite true that it doesn’t allow us to reroll everything as much as we want. But if it did, what would be the point of it then? If a resource is for one reason or another (likely perceived value vs. rarity) one you don’t want to use, it stops being a resource (compare to those RPGs where the most powerful healing items just sit in your inventory to the end of the game). If a resource is so abundant that you don’t need to care about it, it stops being a meaningful resource, not limiting anything (compare to most non-MMO RPGs, where in the end game you have more money than you ever need and no place to sink it).

So while it would feel nice if we could get enough dusts to enhance whatever we want as often as we want, it would just be easier to abolish the whole thing, at which point it would turn into an even more annoying time sink. And it would devalue reds even more (and I think they’re already a bit overvalued in general, both by the devs and the community).

So I think that the dust amounts are quite fine now, requiring some work and/or luck to get significant rerolls. Although, just for the annoyance factor of the crafting system and multilayered RNG, we could use systems for bad luck protection, which would also serve to enhance the dusts’ value, helping them last longer.


For me the problem with rerolling is much less about cost and much more about the monotony.


I know that feel bro

Sorry but I can’t agree. 5 days of farming to find nice bonus on one single red item. We have 15 careers with 5 slots… and every career could need more build.

I understand your opinion, but this is the opposite excess.

After 300h I have a (more or less) great equip on Huntsman and BH (mainly thank to the reds) and decent equip on Pyro, Iron and Foot… and I think I will stop playing (for lack of variety) before I have tried everything the game has to offer (like another 10 career… or simply more build).

u have problem now?
well imagine what was like when we did not have dust converter

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You don’t say! But the problem is dust converted didn’t solve problem at all, we slill have inconsistent and stupidly random crafting system.

  1. You can still roll the same trait or stat combo 5-10 or more times in a row, what is ridiculously stupid.

  2. You can’t “lock” one property on an item you don’t want to reroll and/or can’t reroll property values separately from properties whick creates very inconsistent and annoying crafting system when you can get properties you want in few clicks if lucky enough or waste tonn of time/dust and get nothing.

  3. Your so-called dust converter converts dust 1-1 and in fact it almost doesnt matter if i get green blue or oranges from chest, I get prety much the same number of dust no matter what quality of chests I’m opening.

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Eh, I play since d1, I know… now the situation is better but not enough. Not even remotely.

Agreed. The current RNG system for rolling properties seems intended to make you burn dust – which, to be fair, you get a lot of with 3 drops per box. I can’t really find any fault with that from a design standpoint. Increasing loot drops at the cost of more RNG on re-rolling made obtaining better items easier for new players. It was a pain in the ass to gear up in VT1 originally.

However, I’d like to see an option to lock a property or something for a premium dust cost. I don’t care if it costs the same amount of dust on average, I just don’t want to have to re-roll something 100 times looking for the property pairing I wanted.

Sorry, but I don’t understand how you can’t find any fault with the design or how you can tell that we get a lot of dust from boxes.

It is simple logic: items that need blue and green dust for the reroll should give us blue and green dust when melted. If you play well you will gain mainly orange dust from chests. And few blue dust… that you furthermore need halve to get also some green dust.

Well the “crafting system” of this game was poorly thought through from the beginning.
As many people said as you advance in level and difficulty you get less blue and even lesser green dust.
Now you can convert the dust, they did this to address this issue. But why bother with different color dust at all? Now you can convert them and they are all the same. They just should change the “crafting system” so when you scrap you get grey dust and that rerolls everything. So now you would not have to bother with different stuff that is basically the same.
This game has one of the worst crafting systems i have ever seen in a game.
The crafting system of V1 was so much better

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There are several problems layered on top of each other here that are causing so much grief.

Firstly, getting Duplicate Red Trinkets/Necklace/rings is all pointless when you can reroll to get what you want and probably use the same combo across all characters. This makes rerolling MORE important than getting more trinkets(as though we need more…)

Secondly(and the cause if this htread) it is painful trying to get the combination of traits you want, and so rerolling for a cost of 100+ dust is boring, and feels like a lot of futile time spent doing it.

The solution is to have a system where;

  • You can reroll single traits for a higher dust cost.
    -OR you can lock traits and continue to reroll = another way of doing the same thing
    -You could also spend dust improving the %age of a current trait to almost max (so orange weapons will only ever get +9% vs Armoured for example) so having a red is still a bonus.

Fixing this crafting system is going to take a massive overhaul and big patch, as there’s so much of it that is slightly wrong, it add up to a monumental pain in the… neck.

IF ONLY there was some kind of SHRINE that could improve weapons by trying to increase a single trait at a time, this would give me some SOLACE.


i see what you did there^^


You right, in fact this isn’t a solution.

Now you can convert the dust, they did this to address this issue.

Just few minutes ago I have finisched 4 legend match and I have obteined 4 emperor chests… they have dropped 12 orange items. So should I convert this orange dust in blue one and part of this ‘‘new’’ blue dust in green one? All this to do just one reroll?

Yes the dust conversion is just a bandaid on a broken leg.
How they couldn’t think this through boggles the mind.

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I’m not saying I don’t see problems with the current crafting system.

However, with the ability to convert dust, the problem isn’t really the quantity of crafting resources – which was your original complaint. I have far more than I could ever really use.

Not sure what you want here. ALL items to drop blue/green dust? If that’s the case, then how do we get orange? Or do you just want a single crafting resource (rainbow dust?). Then the item qualities don’t matter at all?

Neither the problem you presented nor your proposed solution sound reasonable to me.

And I’m sure there would be no issues with that system… /sarcasm

There is at least some resource management now. This removes it completely. It just creates another useless and basically infinite resource like scrap. I’d have so much dust I could create a dust fortress. When a resource is basically infinite, it becomes meaningless.

So the next step is no resource cost on crafting at all?

Was it, though? Crafting materials were super rare since only one item dropped per game. It was really difficult to craft the weapon you wanted (you need basically five of the same type?) – and you better hope they were all blue I guess.

Then I had to use my super rare materials to reroll for a combination of all three traits I wanted – not two.
The only saving grace is that you could roll for percentage values on traits.

They had to add contracts just to make this less painful for new players. It took forever for a brand new player to get an orange they wanted with decent traits – which were damage scaled too, BTW.

So no. VT1’s crafting system wasn’t really better. You can also see that VT2’s system was intended to address some of these issue – like making crafting easier for new players and making crafting resources more plentiful.

I’m not saying that VT2 crafting is perfect by any stretch, but it definitely fixed some of the problems with the original game.

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