Convert Dust Price Very Steep

I’m badly in need for green dust, so I was going to convert my blue to green, but the converting price 1:1? It seems a little off to me since blue is more rare than green to just trade and switch them around. The steep price even gets worse when you want to convert amber dust to blue! its a 1:1, 10 amber for 10 blue! given the rarity of veteran weapons, It does not seem worth it at all, you would waste 10 amber just to get ten blue dust, get what I’m saying? I would suggest changing the converting price into something more reasonable, such as 1 amber for 10, maybe 1 blue for 10 or 5 green. Converting dust just seems like I’m losing more than gaining. Thank you for your time.


I don’t think this is going to change. Eventually you reach a point where you just aren’t using dust much anymore because new weapons (reds) are not coming so frequently that you’re using dust faster than you gain it. The crafting system is very feast or famine in that when you feel like you need dust, it’s hard to come by, and when you no longer need it so much, you pile up more than the vanilla UI is even able to display.

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Unfortunately, I should agree with this part, but I totally disagree with another part:

If you are playing only one character and don’t care about other 4 then you are fine, but if you play 3, 4 or even 5 characters you have a problem.

I have combine hero lvl over 800 (can’t get in a game right now to tell you the exact number), I had something like 1000 green and blue dust when BBB started, and yes, I reroll only reds. You know what happened now after 3 iterations of BBB? I’m out of dust, again!

So tell me plz, how many more hrs do I need to not care about dust? FYI I have something around 800, so how much more? And you know what’s the most stupid part of current crafting system? Sometimes I’m forced to burn 200+ rolls to get stats I want ON A RED ITEM!


If you only reroll reds, then there is no way you wasted 1000 of each dust on rerolls. Sorry but that is just bullsh*t right there. I play all characters and most careers, rerolled items as low as 80 power (even greens sometimes), reroll oranges and reds pretty often lately, and still get more dust than I use. I probably have had about 2000 of each dust, currently have 480 of each and almost 5000 scraps. Mind you, I once wasted 120 of each dust on rerolling a single freaking orange item once (as in, tried to get specific properties on it 120 times).

I have 312 hero lvls btw.

U say bullshіt? I call it RNG, baby!

U don’t wanna belive I can’t get some stats in 50, 100 or sometimes 200 rolls? I don’t want to disappoint you, but that’s exactly gow RNG works.For example, I want crit/block cost reduction on one Rapier and aspd/chaos on a Falcion, and I can often see that crit/block cost reduction, but on Falcion instead of Rapier. Don’t u think it’s just great, also seing same stats 5+ or even 10+ times in a row is so refreshing and motivating!

If u don’t have such issues it just means u r luckier than I am, gratz!

Yes, I find it very hard to believe you don´t get a combination of 2 specific properties after 200 rolls. I would easily believe you don´t get such combination and perfect stats as well after 200 rolls, but a) you don´t generally need perfect stats and b) you say you only reroll reds. And yeah, I often get a specific dumb roll 3 or even 4 times before I get the right one, but there are exactly 8 possible properties on melee weapons, which means you can calculate the probability of each being the result of a roll by multiplying 8 times 7, which is 56, except we have to consider that we can get crit/block cost reduction as well as block cost reduction/crit (both of which are ok for our purposes), so divided by 2 it is 28. You have 1:28 chance to get the exact roll you want on a melee. Which of course doesn´t mean you can never roll 200 times before getting it, but that is pretty rare, and even less often than getting it on your first roll probably. RNG is a biatch for sure, but it can only screw you over so many times, because of regression to average - if you roll enough times, you will inevitably get close to the average, that is, your every 28th roll will have been the desired one on average.

Using this number, you would probably need 1400 of each dust to reroll every single red weapon (one of each that is) on every single character (if we assume each has 10 weapons, which I can´t be bothered to look up and count, but is definitely around that number). So 50 red weapons with perfect rolls = 1400 of each dust (I would say on average, but with 1400 random rolls it will always be around the average, the chances of this many random rolls´ results deviating significantly from the average would be something like 1:100000000 or so.

Would you say someone constantly rerolling because they play in the beta is the normal play experience? I wouldn’t.

I really don’t get the condescending tone, but to compare our experiences…

  • cumulative hero level ~500, least played are Saltz at 46 and Kerillian at 78
  • 2 characters with full red weaps, 1 with about half, 2 with almost none
  • 4 classes with all Legend maps complete and 100 game hats
  • ~930 hours played, mostly in Champion (Legend pubs are too inconsistent)
  • didn’t receive first red weap until hours surpassed ~300
  • sitting at 1k+ green and blue dust
  • it’s been literal months since my green has gone below 900, which happened a single time
  • my blue has never depleted faster than it’s gained, except when the dust exchange was added

I have zero love for the crafting system, but I have never had to reroll 200 times, red piece or not, and most was maybe ~75. I feel mildly skeptical about this claim. I suspect my standards for what comprises an acceptable roll are different from yours.

I don’t reroll stats to experiment with different builds. I don’t care if the stats on weapons I never use are “meta” or not because I don’t use them. I don’t care if my orange weaps don’t have perfect stats, and am okay with settling for one good stat.

To answer your question… it’s not a matter of time, but one of behavior. Maybe if you’re having trouble saving dust, you could, oh I don’t know… try not spending dust when you don’t actually need to?

Btw, consider toning down the sarcasm and hostility. Nobody here is picking a fight with you because they had a different experience from you or god forbid, have a differing opinion. It’s okay to just plainly state what you mean without being a jerk about it.

Really someone thinks that the actual system is nice? Like OP says, the system is totally rotten… to reroll a blue item, I need blue and green dust. But melting it, I gain only blue dust.

So green dust becomes, ironically, the most rare and we will mainly use blue/orange dust just to convert them into green one.

If you want try every career, every build, every weapon… and experiment new things (unless you have 10000 hours)… the dust are not enough.

I have 800 hours on the game. +2.2k blue and orange dust. Have all reds. No need for dust or anything after +800hours, but i do dislike the RNG of rolling traits and properties.

Mage most played but after balance beta everything seems too weak.
So now i mostly play elf since it is the best at killing and kiting.

If 1 blue dust = 1 blue dust or 1 green dust, then logic dictates that blue dust is objectively more valuable than green dust, or at the very least, has the same value. I agree it is a bit awkward that you need green dust for every re-roll in the same quantity as blue dust, which you get far less often in the end game, but it isn´t really a problem imo.

Idk man. I rolled about 20 charms and 20 necks for very each stats per icon. (i.e. these 3 necks with same icons would be hralth and bcr, with three different procs), rolled 10 trinkets and all red weapons and biggest issue for me that you still can trade only 10 dust at time. Converting orange into green and blue is a pain.

Dude, I have my jewelry set of something like 8 necks, 15 charms and 10 trinkets that cover almost every possible build for me, and you know, there are still weapons present in this game.

Before BBB I almost never used Kruber’s repeater or BOP, I tried them few times, but was very unhappy with a result, same story about Flamesword and stuff, there are also bunch of weapons I’ve used very long ago, like RP which I never touched after massive nerf in 1.0.6 or Glaive, I played with it a lot when started playing VT2 and there was no real option to deal with Armoured for Elf.

But on a BBB I crafted bunch of reds I’ve never realy played with, BoP, Krubers SnS, Sienna’s 1h Sword and Flamesword, etc. Also I rerolled stats and traits on around 20-30 different weapons and SUDDENLY I’m out of dust!

P.S. @Riwillion, if you have no problems with current crafting system I’m kinda happy for you, but it’s your own expirience, and you know, it has nothing to do with my own expirience or my friend’s one. It’s ok, it’s just shows all upsides and downsides of RNG, but if you don’t wanna admit it and gonna repeat your “bullshіt, this can’t be a thing coz I never saw it” you just don’t forget that it’s just your shіty opinion, and it has nothing to do with other people expirience. GL pushing your opinion as it is the only possible scenario, I’m done talking with you, if you just don’t wanna understand basics about how RNG works.

You clearly don´t wanna understand the basics about how statistics work. I presented you with hard facts, not just my personal experience.

I tend to try out tons of different builds, so I’m always running out of dust. Meanwhile my wife has around 3k green lol.

And yea, eventually you’ll get to a point where there’s no point in even opening up vaults. Just waiting on new weapons and deeds to be released. Our discord leader lol

The point is that green items, if you play full run legend, are so fu***** rare… for this reason the crafting system is rotten. You ask me green dust for anything, but then if you play “well” you don’t gain green dust. And if fatshark want fix this thanks to possibility to convert dust, it should be at least x1 blue for x2 green

Yeah, I cannot disagree, it also seemed dumb to me when I noticed this mechanic, and still kinda does, but it isn´t really a problem, since you can get green dust as long as you have blue dust and/or orange dust. I would support the exchange rate being 1,5:1 or even 2:1 though.

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