About the 5:1 Bright Dust cost for Red Weapons, and the late game uselessness of all other dust

About bright dust. The 5:1 conversion is prohibitively expensive for some of us.
I would prefer it if there was a 2:1 conversion rate.
Going down another avenue: I would like it if there was some way to convert orange dust to bright dust at a 10:1 or 20:1 rate.
Finally, I’d like it if I could salvage a box without opening it; this would save me several steps.

Let me explain where I’m coming from.

I’ve got about 400 hours in this game. I make it through about 1:3 of the legend games I attempt; this is mostly a product of the team I’m with and the cruelties we’re dealt. I’m sitting on 100+ commendation chests, and a bevy of champion chests: soldier (15+), general (25+), and emperor (20+).

Right now, the loot boxes mean nothing to me. Commendation boxes will only add clutter; even the emperor boxes will add clutter 95% of the time. Opening a box means that I will have more stuff to salvage, none of which will really be of use to me, because I despise respeccing non-red weapons, because it takes forever. Here my qualm is not the down time, but the ad-nauseam re-rolling that is required by an RNG only system.

Spread out among all my classes, I have about 10 red items, and 4 units of bright dust; my orange dust sits just past 100, my blue dust is at the 999+ range, and my green dust is at the 500-600 range. The attractive thing about red items is that they take very little time to reroll, in the case that I want to try out a new strategy or combo. The advantage the offer is marginal, but none the less important.

The bright dust to red weapon conversion is utterly unappealing to me. I don’t like getting rid of reds at all, especially if they’re weapons I don’t use, because at some point, I may want to experiment with them. The 5:1 rate may work for players that are significantly better than me (the ones who eat legend for breakfast) or the players who are obsessed with a single meta build. Personally, I spread most of my play out among three characters: sienna, kerillian, and bardin. I try to play all of their classes, though I’m better with some than others.

Playing on legend isn’t particularly enjoyable for me. I feel like I can never let my guard down, and I have to accept that even if I play to the best of my abilities, I’m always just a random event away from a brutal and sudden death. On the contrary, I really enjoy full book runs on champion, and champion deeds. The game is hard, but it doesn’t lead to me feeling stressed out for the entire session – which isn’t really why I play. There are times that I want to play on legend, but the entire prospect of grinding on legend (for reds) is deeply unappealing for me. Yet, as a player, I’m stuck in a place where my options are grind on legend, grind much longer on champion full book runs, or just stop caring about items altogether.

Some folks might say “get gud”; I might respond to them “dunning-kruger”.


Commendation can drop reds and cosmetics so they’re definitely worth opening! I think cosmetics are only in commendations actually.

But yes, definitely ageee with your thoughts, a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio would be much better.

Don’t commendations drop reds 1% of the time?
Meaning that if I opened all 100, I would get approximately 3 reds, a few cosmetics, and a whole lot of clutter.

This is to say, you’re technically right, and my point still stands in a practical sense.

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Fair point, even from emp vaults it’s mostly salvage junk.

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A few cosmetics is a definite overstatement. They are so much rarer than reds. I have more than 100 reds and 7 cosmetics. But aside from that your statement is correct. I’ve been long trying to advocate a better rate. My bright dust is just sitting in my inventory.

My opinion:

  • reduce the red dust to craft red items from 5 to 4;
  • red items crafted should have their bright illusion;
  • you should NOT be able to convert orange dust in red one (too easy), but orange dust should give us at least x2 blue dust (and blue dust x2 green dust).
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