Devs: KEEP the loot system as it is!

How about no? Cosmetics are rare enough that I have only seen one, once, in 200 hours. Reds are desired not just because of the cool skin, but because of their ability to roll max all the time, allowing you to test other builds and min / max with ease. They also allow you to conserve dust, since you need to reroll less. They are very useful and most of them look fantastic, and I don’t see why people who can full book Legend should not be able to get them somewhat consistently. You need to understand that people might never, in 1, 000s of hours, get a red weapon they actually want due to the current absurd drop rates.

Lets be realistic here. How many Legends do you expect me to finish to get a red 1h axe? How many hours do you want from me? This is not an MMO RPG, its a $30 game that plays on the same 13 maps. A person should not have to devote 200 hours to get their first red mates, thats utterly ridiculous. Consider that most people tend to stick to specific weapons they enjoy, and when you consider that (for some reason) you can get dupe reds instead of a new one every time, then yeah, I can safely say its a bad system.


I couldn’t disagree more with OP, the current system is pretty similar to the worst Korean f2p mmo, which is not a good thing in a coop paid fps. The drop rates for red and cosmetic items in legend chest are absurdly low (~1% for a hat, from the data collected by the guy who opened 3000+ legend emperor chest) and there’s no consistant way to get emperor chest because of dices and ranald RNG.
The chance of geting those items in legend chest need to be buffed, but we also need an alternative way to unlock them, something which doesn’t rely 100% on RNG. This can be done by changing the deeds rewards or adding a system like the bounty board of the first game. Also dropping duplicate red items should’t be a thing.


I will probably quit this game soon. Cuz i tired of this drop system, i beat all maps on legend and i have nothing to do unless i go for 1000+ hours of grind. So let me at least play “collect all reds and cosmetics” game untill DLC. Right now i cant do it, cuz in my 200 hours (since 1st beta) experience i never see a red item.
Make them more common for legendary, i dont care about champion, its probably fair if champions emperor have pretty low red items drop chance.
But then i open legendary emperor i expect more then blue-blue-orange, especially if this is my 10\20\30\etc emperor chest.

And ofc prevent reds from duplicate. This is absurd, really.

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Not a fan of boxes. Randomness is fine

How about instead of loot boxes at the end of each map, loot is randomly generated and placed thru-out the map itself. This would negate the need for the “Loot Dice” but would not necessarily mean the loss of the tomes and grimoires. Tomes and grimoires could instead grant bonus exp at the end of each map, be used in the higher levels of weapon upgrades, or have a chance of suddenly upgrading loot after the map end. Whatever works.

Loot is scattered around the map… There should be a total of three items generated per player. Bots do not generate loot so playing with others is encouraged. When a player finds loot they can press the interact key to switch with their current item or hold the interact key to stop and place the item in their pack. Only three items can be put in their pack per map. Once their pack is full they cannot place any more items in it. So quick hoarders would be stuck.

Replacing items in the pack, though realistic, is not allowed as that calls up too many problems. One example is: which of the three items is to be replaced and how many button presses is it going to take? Basically anything that slows the play too much is not desired. Holding to fill one’s pack is slowing things enough. Players with full packs can still switch items if desired.

Ranged items found in the map have a quarter to a half of their maximum ammo. If one is desperate for a ranged weapon and has run out of ammo switching to a found weapon may be a good idea. The player can then place their dropped, original weapon in their pack to take back with them.

Where is the loot? Loot can exist in obvious and obscure places. The option would exist to fully explore the map so everyone gets full packs, or simply rush through if desired. This of course extends the time spent in the map and increases the chance of dying. Its up to the players how much they want to explore or not. Anyway, loot could be found in boxes, chests, on bodies of allies (those found in maps), on “loot” enemies, on statues, at alters, in nooks and crannies, in hidden rooms, in coffins, on book shelves, etc. Basically anywhere that makes sense or creates a sense of story.

Map found loot items are always grey or green. If higher tier items are desired they must be upgraded at the forge. I posit that a simple box of crafting materials may be a thing to add to the map-loot tables as well. A box of crafting materials could have the equivalent of two or three high-tiered items, so very worth it if you are trying to upgrade preferred items.

So what about loot boxes? They should still exist. Each set of maps culminates in boss fight and every time a player completes a full set of maps (not only the final map). They are granted a prize (loot box), in appreciation for their hard work, with three items in it. These loot boxes will always have blue items, with a fair chance for one orange item (around a 20% chance) and a much smaller chance for red. If the players complete the full set of 13 maps then they are given one additional chest. This encourages players to play all the maps evenly instead of simply grinding through their one or two favorites.

Loot boxes are also granted at level gains (as done in the current game). These loot chests contain three items as well, but are restricted to green and blue items (with a minor chance for orange). Whether that is one or two blue is randomly determined, but never three blue.

In all cases, loot boxes or map loot, power level is determined by character level. This does mean that mixed leveled teams will find more variable-powered loot in the map. This is one way to power up lower leveled friends. Melted items grant equal materials to their tier, regardless of power level. So higher level characters, happy with their current gear, should feel no loss in picking up low power items (for melting) and allowing lower leveled players to pick up the higher powered items.

12h streamer gets 1 cosmetic and nearly salvages it. 200+ h player has 0 cosmetics. Nice try with this rewarding players that come back… really wished it would be like that.

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With how incredibly rare reds and cosmetics are, and how they can DUPE?

No thanks, it needs some tuning. Like many thing in V2, lots needs to be done.

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“Oooh, look! Someone enjoys a different aspect of the game comparing to me! This is unacceptable! Quickly, to the forums! I have to make sure everyone knows that their subject of enjoyment is wrong while mine is the only correct one” - RAMRODICUS, probably

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lol @Sinoby … hypocrite

Do you need a dictionary to look up what does the word “hypocrite” mean?

I’m glad you finally admitted you’re just berating other people for validation rather than actually attempting to make positive suggestions.

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If you play 8 hours a day ( which isn’t unheard of people doing, you would get a red every 12.5 day if you would get a Red every 100 hours and every 6.25 day by every 50 hour. So you with your logic you would be able to get one Red every week or every two weeks. Double that if you play like 4 hours which most ppl tend to do.

Why did you feel the need to post something worthless just bashing people who like to gain loot, 17 days after the last post?

What other end game is there than reds or cosmetics. Play your way and let others play theirs.

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