Cosmetics! 150h in game, hundreds of opened boxes- not EVEN ONE cosmetic item... This is absurd

The casual/average players point is a good and very important one that gets overlooked in so many games. The game sold really well and a lot of those players won’t sink hundreds and hundreds of hours into it, especially because it’s a perfect game to just have a round or two casually. A lot of players will just stick with Champion or even just Veteran and will sit there with an empty cosmetics tab and wonder why it’s even there or never see a red. Stuff like this should not be limited to hardcore players and insane difficulties.

I personally am still convinced there aren’t a lot of cosmetics in the game yet and the insane rarity is to hide that.


Considering that Warhammer universe has more than enough concept art, and that Fatshark has some really talented artists, I think that each of the classes need to have at least 10 skins per weapon. I mean, just by scratching the surface of my WAR concept art folder I’ve dug up some really nice concepts for Bardin, Saltzpyre and Kruber.

So, I’m sure that there’s no lack of ideas for the illusions/skins. That being said, the real question is, how many skins per weapon are currently implemented?
And of course you can always set up some form of “cosmetic tiers” so that the higher difficulties would reward you with better looking and more cool cosmetics.


As cool as it would be, we can’t even get a damn voice chat indicator after all this time, so I’ll temper my expectations.


I guess there are currently max 3 Illusions/weapontype. That being said I really hoped cosmetics would be a thing in this game (was looking for real skins not just recolors of the standart ones) but according to what I’ve read and seen I’m super disapointed. I wonder how, if and when Fatshark is going to cover this issue. I believe they’re busy fixing bugs and stuff at the moment so thats their main concern but still… It really feels like a missed opportunity :frowning_face:

I hope so. This is a great game with a lot of potential. With more weapon skins and mod support this game could have a really bright future.

I just got my first cosmetic, kinda disappointed in it as well. Playtime is 150 hours. Still only have one Red. My buddy has even more hours and still no Red.

The amount of frustration that we have doing all these Legend runs and not getting Reds, coupled with the BAFFLING lack of the amazing Bounty Board and dailies from Vermintide 1…damn, it just has my mind boggled with these design decisions made by Fatshark.

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178h /played

Not single red nor cosmetic. But you know what? I did not play for them, and never will be.

In those 178h I had this something small special something.

That was fun from playing and still is!

I know everyone have diffrent “objectives”, but come one when you bought this game you was not like :
I will play only till I drop one/ten/all of them cosmetic item then my destiny will be fullfil and I will can stop play.
Come on I belive in you all!

/sorry for my English

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In a market oversaturated with product the consumer needs a continual return on his time to keep him coming back. We have virtually no return on time spent playing once you hit cap in a loot based ARPG. That is a system that is inherently flawed and will fail.


Well agree but I’m just old date gamer, and I play games for fun.
Even now from time to time we play some diablo 1 with my buddy, l4d 2 for that matter also, there was not cosmetic items.

I do understand that ppl need something more. I’m just this kind of guy who would play with fresh friend on veteran, then run for hunt of reds/cosmetic on Legend alone. Tho ofc I want to farm legend, but…=]

Vermintide is life <- just do not forget that =]

going sleep, have fun to all of you beautiful rat slayers!

I’m betting it’s in the plans to fix and/or add but not in yet. They still have other ENORMOUS gameplay features they are working on getting in right now that have a huge impact. Namely mod support and securing dedicated servers. Their patches, like the last one, have primarily been focused on fixing top priority issues. I’m betting they simply have bigger fish to fry atm as the people putting in 100+ hours are still just a small % of the playerbase. I’m included in that % with you too :).

While the bounty board and cosmetics matter, they are likely considered to be mid priority against these bigger ticket items. We should continue to give our feedback about this and dissatisfaction, however we should prolly temper that with the realities that they are facing right now as well.

Also, I’m glad your are enjoying Vermintide. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy thought well done analytical videos, even when I disagree slightly :).

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I agree its likely they’re working on something to alleviate this issue, but come on this isn’t an early access game, its supposed to be a finished release. Having to wait on the devs to add an end-game into a product they sold as finished is a little insulting.


The devs wish game design was like you are presenting as much as you do. But that’s just not how it is. The realities of game design and creation would prolly take about a 1 hour video to even try to outline, but suffice to say it’s hard, it’s unpredictable, and even the best companies often find themselves behind the 8 ball. There is always more to do and add, and your fresh released game will be compared against a game which had years of polish after release to fix and improve. But at some point you have to ship. Your runway (money to keep going) is finite and even the best planning makes it difficult to release a product without some large rough edges.

This is the industry I’m in right now, right at the heart of it at Q&A. Honestly it feels like a small miracle sometimes a game releases in a decent state at all lol.

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Oh I get it, but be honest about your product then. In the pre-launch stream alone they flat out lied about the available cosmetics stating there would be obtainable portrait-borders through difficult heroic deeds. I, like most people, do not enjoy being misled for financial gain.

I just want to remind you all that cosmetics were quite big feature announced for the game during their marketing campaign. If after 150h I don’t see even one cosmetic (on ANYONE)- something is not right here, as I was looking foward to them as per their promises.

Same as with careers- we were promised unique careers and as we know half of them has some sort of charge/dash-like ults and other half some sort of shot ults…

We miss contractrs, shrine of solace, drops rates are absurd, Legendary difficluty was just fixed 2 weeks after release, half talents are still useless, balance is poop, half careers are still useless, no cosmetics.

I think Fatshark just tried to bite too much and now are choking. Being ambitious is good, but being too ambitious can just drag you down.


Heh, funny you should say that: Reddit - Dive into anything

The reason they often cannot be as honest as they really want is often times us. I’m not talking about the EA’s of the world (who should be shot), but the actual good companies with heart trying to make good products. We are the biggest problem with that honesty and transparency. Everything they say gets reacted to and picked apart like they were a president so it’s usually best to say nothing at all. Balance leads get death threats to them and their families for doing their job and nerfing broken things.

I mean you just gave a great example of that in your post, and so did Benny.

Honestly they are prolly just not in yet. But a harsh reality is that game design is a fluid thing and that things change during the making. If we root them to things they say every time, then to maintain fluidity and flexibility the best course is to say nothing. Because if they change it later people will accuse them of stuff like you just did and Benny did. And realistically those cosmetics will almost certainly be in, unfortunately just not right now or (as we’ve seen) the drop rates are just too low. Especially when gated behind deeds almost nobody is doing atm because of their poor risk vs reward. (balancing)

Heck, look at Benny move the goal posts and then try to redefine what a class is to try and make them more wrong. This is exactly indicative of why being transparent is not rewarded. Any small hiccup and suddenly your a cackling supervillain according to people on the internet…counting all your monies. Often from people who spent hundreds of hours playing your game ironically.

People sometimes get mad at the truth, that doesn’t mean you should mislead them because it is more convenient for you. I’d consider that both an immoral way to live and an unethical way to do business. If you spend four months of development time working on a pointless sub-system and never even implement it then y’know what, you sorta earned some criticism from your consumerbase. V2 is being sold as a feature finished product, and it isn’t, we’re in a final beta build with access to all the maps.

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The irony is that similar happens for nearly every game :D. People would riot if only a few games revealed exactly how many things they worked on had been scrapped. Many hundreds of developer hours. Because that’s how games are made. You have a shell idea of core asthetics/gameplay with some check boxes you want to hit and then you build and then iterate iterate iterate. And alot of those ideas turn out to be crap. And alot of things get cut during iterations.

Unless you are Blizzard, then it’s ok to scrap an entire game. Because they have a very loyal community, and just like the “bonus exp system” (exp fatigue system renamed) they spun it well. Oh and in case Starcraft Ghosts wasn’t enough, what about Titan? Tons got scrapped, Overwatch was made from just SOME of the scraps.

2 examples just off the cuff from a single game company, one of the biggest in the industry.

I was specifically referencing blizzard with that comment :stuck_out_tongue:

Problem is Blizzard can do that. Other games often get torn apart for it. Not everyone has the fanatical loyalty of Blizzard fans. When Skullgirls revealed the cost to create a new character for example people lost their shizzle. And they were taking a pay cut to do that. Imagine if people learned that 100 developer hours “went to waste” in a complete moveset they decided was fundamentally flawed and they had to redo it.

Having worked years of tech support in my past I’ve been in far too intimate contact with just how bad people can be about such misconceptions.

I don’t need to see the full development process of a product, just don’t tell me x is in it when x isn’t in it. To give a comparison, no mans sky dev claiming you could find other players in the game when there were no multiplayer features whatsoever. That was being dishonest to his consumers and hello games will never be trusted again because of it. Being told there would be unique rewards for heroic deeds, and more cosmetic options when in fact there are not, is a crappy trick to pull on Fatsharks part.