Red items (duplicates and crafting solution)

Add a new crafting tab, where you can take your duplicate red item + some materials cost and get another random red item that can be for any other slot (not the one you “trade in”).

So lets say you take a charm + mats (try your luck) and get a (random) red sword…
Dont want red sword, take red sword + mats = get a (random) red necky etc…

This will give us ways to spend mats, and possibility to get reds for other slots yet keep the “randomness”.

Edit: The mats cost should be “significant” enough to not be spamable but not stupid high. I bet the devs can find the sweetspot - but lets say 100,10,10,10,10 / reroll.


Post. Nr. 1000… still noone need Max. rolls in a skill-based game…


Just wait for Nikkitovski to link you to every of the other 999 “red crafting threads”


If you don’t need max rolls in your so called skill-based game you can just not bother yourself with responding to threads like this.
But many do need them, because they reduce the time you spend on getting good rolls very significantly. Also breakpoints are a thing in the game, and sometimes you need close to max rolls to reach them.
And there is no real point for duplicate reds to exist(maybe a few charms/necks/trinkets and like 2 of each weapon would make sense), because it really hurts people with bad luck. I think anyone would rather get 5 different weapons, than 5 trinkets or 5 dupes of the exact same weapon they already have.
And to fix this issue FS should implement crafting for red items, or limit the amount of dupes you can get(2 for weapon, 3 for accessories would be decent imo). Though i think it’s too late to limit dupes, because lots of players already significantly surpassed the potential cap.

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If you got a lot of duplicates, you probably played a lot, you finished a lot and your gear should´ve good rolls actually… so the only real thing is some bright lightning weapon.

This isn´t a real issue, it´s more like “mähhh i got a red necklace, but i wanted a red sword! So give me a crafting solution now!!!”

I´m still waiting for my red Crossbow too… it´ll give me 1% more critchance and shines… wow… it´ll help me a lot…

And everyday another Red Crafting thread…

I don´t even see the point between

  1. Farming RNG Red stuff


  1. Farming Mats for RNG Red stuff…

Not all of us are jsat true soloing maps with a feather duster.

And is there something wrong with getting what you want after playing a lot? There should be as many ‘Red Crafting threads’, as it is required for FS to actually listen to the community and solve the problem.

Also i disagree with the crafting idea OP presented, but this doesn’t mean that there shoudn’t be any red crafting at all. There were many other threads with pretty good ideas and concepts(red dust, npc trading and etc), that would solve this issue.

That´s why i said, thread nr. 1000…

Just ok… let´s give us a red crafting system, but a brainstormed one… BUT those reds shouldn´t get any skin…

I would highly prefer, that only the “real Reds” from legendary would´ve a Skin so…

Actually it´s more like… wow a Red, not even better than the (nearly) max rolled orange legendary. And the only “good thing” is the skin, everyone can get from a commandation chest now.

Red´s are nothing special anymore.

Are you serious? If the only point of reds are skins, what’s the point of crafting them? It’s not btw, but imo the player should be able to craft the type of weapon or accessory they want if they have enough resources(what is enough is for FS to decide), and it absolutely should come with a skin.
Like what is even the point of removing it? To make extremely lucky people feel better about themselves?

Nah, I am done with this. Too worn out and fairly certain that it’s not gonna change anything.

But ok, since you asked so nicely.
Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Please quote any mention of properties or max rolls in the OP.

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Reds actually should be more special next to Orange.

Or maybe something else? I would rather prefer, that i can get something like Red´s or specials, for ending a legendary deed. “Skill” (and sadly Luck in the rare times you may get hard carried) should get more rewarded in games today, like it was in Nightmare-Raids in MMORPG´s.
There is no need to casualize a game like this. Everyone can get everything, just grind mats to craft or spend money in our shop? Please not…

Everyone is getting Red´s everywhere now and still “mimimi” about duplicates etc. When will it have an end?

I really would recommended, that the Reds goes back to the Rarity like it was and they should be only available on Legend + 2 Grims or Legendary Deeds as 100% Drop. And if it´s not possible, then something new and special… Maybe a double Red with 2 Legendary perks or ultimate Skins. As long as their nothing special, noone need them. Just craft your orange stuff on the 2 properties you need and play. Noone even realize 1% more or less.

You still get the best chance to get red from emp vaults. And tell me how crafting red items from RED ITEMS will make them less ‘special’ ?

Yes, so only the minority of the already not very big playerbase gets good rewards. Makes sense that you want to be special because you’re so good at the game, but please just let other ppl enjoy the game aswell.

Sigh… How would this “casualize” the game? Why are you so scared about other people getting rewarded for putting time into a game, that’s just pathetic.
And in addition to that the system that we have rewards “Luck”(and sadly skill in the rare times), and that is the exact reason there are so many posts asking to implement crafting of reds. Because then even if you are unlucky with your drops, you can still get what you want and worked hard for.

Oh, hallo, mr. “the Elite”. Now it makes sense, you just want reds to be skill dependent (but they never were skill dependent coz you could get them from Emp Chests on Champ difficulty), so you can show the world how cool you are, you have those cool-looking reds, and it shows how awesome you are in this game… But there is a problem you don’t wanna admit, there are a lot more players who never plays Legengary than those who plays it. And you know, they are CUSTOMERS, just like you and me, and there are a lot more of “them” then “us”, and shoking, they want reds (in fact just for the glowing illusion), and if they have no way to get it it’s kinda stupid.

And still, I can’t understand why are so opposite to any dupe/bad luck protection, how will it make game worse for you? And if it’ll improves game expirience for some people why don’t impliment it?


Before you and the other one here start to cry or something… i play for Fun… i dont care about reds, but i care about the game…

A Lot of ppl just Play for loot etc. Why should they easy get it from crafting?
This is a skillbased Game ans every higher difficulty should be higher rewarded. Like i told… 100% reds on deeds Maybe.
Yeah some ppl would be pissed off, but a lot would Start higher difficulties and stop stay on vet or champ. Even deeds would become more attractive.
It’s not about “Hey im god in this game”… its about “Yeah i finally finished xy and got z”.

Its cazualize to give everyone every stuff free through craft or RNG. Just look at Destiny 2… Game went so fast down with its playerbase , because everyone got every good stuff from everywhere…Just shot the boss once and want or Buy it at Xur…

Give the ppl more incentive to play and to grow with the game, then the playerbase will survive the end of the game.

Tue playerbase and the rewiews fell negative, because noone could get reds or cosmetics ans because of bugs.

For now… everyone is getting everything weithin some Games, even in Low lvl thx to c-chests and probably only the hard tribe will finish the quests for every char…

So Yeah give everyone the Option to craft reds now ans the playerbase will Fall harder… the ppl which played 615273 games for this 1 Red, will craft , Play 3 Games ans leave, just because they got what they wanted… not everyone Yeah, but this will happen.

You mean my 4 red flame staves can be useful one day?

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I believe many people leave because they never actually get the weapon they want to play with.

Yes, that’s how the game works right now.

I very much doubt that Destiny 2 failed because of players getting good stuff.
And people actually putting their 10 duped necklaces to good use is not “cazualising the game”.

Again, is there something wrong with people getting rewards? Why does it matter to YOU that some low lvl guy got a red because of his insane luck? Your inventory doesn’t change because of that, your weapons are still the same, all those things you got because how good of a player you are still remain, so you can show everyone that YOU play only legend, and that YOU are so good that you do legendary deeds.
It’s not really about the game is it? It’s about you wanting to be special, because you play legend and some people don’t. Please keep im mind though that those who are “crying” for the ability to craft reds are legend players themselves, who just happened to get unlucky and receive many duplicates of the weapon they never want to use, or lots of accessories.
I can’t tell if you just ignore it on purpose, but this is not about getting reds out of thin air, it is about transmuting those reds you already got by playing the very same 2 grim legend and deeds into something you actually want.

Can you please just let people decide for themselves though? If someone wants to play champ, vet, or even recruit, who are you to tell them otherwise?
Just because you want to play the highest difficulty and become ‘better’ at the game doesn’t mean that everyone should do the same.
Games are life for some, but for others they are just hobbies to chill and relax sometimes.


Even if youve obviously some prejudice against me, there is no need to captain caps. Kg you Really Think i just want to be special, you should read carefully

You dont understand my point of view. The game is “casual” at the moment everyone can get everything everywhere. PvE Games are forced to give players higher Challenge and even special loot to farm. And the most Players Need stuff like it. Why do you Think ppl left with bad Reviews? Because they didnt got rewarded for anything and the tons of chest were real worthless with that limited weapons. Much more Players would play champ/legend/deeds or would still Play at all, if there would be quite a feeling of “progress” and to become stronger with each difficulty. Atm its just craft 5 orange items, reroll a bit ans you’re strong enough for Legend. (thx to hero lvl)
Then you max try Legend with no real experience, get fkd and leave. Why? Because there is no incentive for a lot of players and some Red crafting wont change it. Someone who left because of duplicates, would leave probably if he’ll get what he wants too.
The Gameplay is Fun yeah, but getting everything within 5min through crafting and some “well” cosmetics wont hold players at The Game. Just a few one, who play for Fun.

The game dont Need more crafting , it needs more rewarded stuff ans content. The deeds were a Good idea , but the Rewards aren’t worth anything. Like the daily quests and challenges… Just more chests with more crafting material noone really Need anymore After some hours of gaming.

Reds and cosmetics are still the only reliable “reward” ppl actually play for. Dont kill it through crafting, just make the Reds better or add new stuff and go for quests or deeds to get it.

Crafting = rewards for playing the game. How do you not understand that?


Grinding chests for materials on every difficulty for 1 weapon is no reward or content. It’s a poor and brainless design. A good playerbase cant live with that.

Allow us to break down red items and create another to avoid the frustrating and unrewarding RNG based loot for reds, and add a new rarity of extremely rare weapons or skins.

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