1.2 Loot System Unimprovement

Hi Fatshark,

I have saved almost 150 high quality chests (champion and legend) during the last weeks to complete after a long period of no progress with the game’s development finally my elven weapon equipment - at least I thought to do so.

I missed two of the weapons in red - the elven one handed sword (unimportant) and the red dual daggers.

After opening these boxes, I proudly announce to own 4 further sword and daggers, uncountable Charms and trinkets, 2 additional short bows, 3 dual swords and a lot of other lucky gains, but after almost 500 hours in the game, I still don’t own red dual daggers (and the one handed sword).

I never opended any red eligble chest with another character than Kerillian. This indeed means, I only own red weapons for Kerillian. I really want to move on to Bardin or Victor, but there is still this gap in my collection. In particular this is frustrating as you decided, that you have to own the red crossbow with Victor to be able to one-shot legend stormvermin consistently with 2 bonus for armored and scaven on the four available slots of perks (my 9.5%, 8.5% crossbow is not good enough and I claim, this is as good as you can craft, because you have completely to reroll everything in every new attempt).

500 hours is not enough to complete my collection for Kerrilian - and this is only one character. 51 red items are also not enough to complete Kerillian.

Here is my constructive feedback: Please simulate your random variable for red loot type with 80% of its mass on item subtypes the player owns the least numbers of. Please keep the 20% remaining mass evenly distributed on all possiblities as it is now. This still keeps luck and RNG, but ensures that eventually with enough patience players can complete their collection ( and at least I want 2 or 3 reds of each type for playing with different builds and nuances, so having the majority of the mass of the distribution on those items, which a player only owns 0 or 1 copies of, is a great support) and move on to widen their options to enjoy the game.

And here is my honest feedback after opening 150 boxes of trash: This problem is one of the most frustrating problems in the game and so easy to solve in a few lines of code. It spoils the experience of a lot of players, in particular of those, who are not that secure in completing champion (or legend) with full books and earn their red items. You basically enrage your own community with something easily improvable and obviously flawed. You make it much more difficult to enjoy this in its core splendid and great game, which has its small, but so frustratingly impactful flaws.

**** *** for this missed opportunity and the frustration evoked by this during the last 5 months, **** ***.

P. S. Yes, I know, the patch notes never announced a change to this problem.


Just forget about it. After all improvements in VT1 loot system we just got surprisingly unrewarding and stupid loot system in VT2, and it looks like FS don’t care about this shіt at all.

Bounty board? You don’t need it! Dupe protection? Go fuсk yourself! Some dupe exchange for what U need? U think U do, but U don’t!©


BPLASPHEMY! It is one of her best weapons.

Other than that… yeah, that’s how it is. If you’re not me and don’t know how to manipulate RNG to get the items you want, you are kinda screwed. There is intention from FS to introduce some kind of “red crafting” system, but why no dupe protection is beyond me.

I think, they care, at least to some extend. But I also believe, they have a prioritisation onto something we are not told. I think, this is a result of time trouble - it looks at least to me like a provisional solution (the whole item, perk/trait and crafting mechanics) and because of too many problems close to release of PC (and console version), the provisional became the official version and as it is at least working in its flawed limits, it is not put on high priority. I would assume nobody in the dev team is really happy about this system as it does not fit their degree of Quality (how awesome was e. g. Drachenfels map or Christophs nice Mage Tower in V1…)

I also believe this is a terrible mistake and costs this game on long term potentially deserved success.

Whatever, I now take my orange dual daggers with 5%, 5% (after 500 hours, at least you can craft red-equivalent weapons, if you want) and stab them into these little hookrats. They are so cute, when they perrish, aren’t they =)

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I only say: For me 1h sword is unimportant, as I prefer other weapons. I don’t say, it is crap. It is only not my priority. But: I want one copy of it, in case, I change my mind, how I want to equip her!

And yes, it is also obvious that the RNG is not random, but if you don’t look to close, it seems to be working. Whatever…

Same with me and Glaive, I don’t like it and is the only red weapon I don’t have for Keri (and I am not chasing it).

FIXED! It’s true that Elf’s Arming sword is versatile, it also has good cleave, but it’s so slow… And also finesse modifier is so fсkn bad =( Ofc U can make it work, but it’s just meh.

On HM, it is an absolute beast :wink:

What Attributes/Traits are you using for it in combination with charm?

crit chance / chaos power on sword, chaos power and infantry power on charm. With the 15% power boost from HM, you are able to 1hit kill marauders on heavy attack headshot and it helps in hitting breakpoints with CW, also iirc. The 1h sword is very versatile in this regard. You could also go for 3 stacks in skaven power and kill clanrats with one light attack headshot, though it seems a bit too much. I think I calculated once that it should even be possible to kill SV with two body shots if you stacked Skaven and armour, but again, it seems gimmicky and the first heavy is probably one of the most reliable attacks to land on heads, and SV die without any kind of effort on 2 heavy headshots, anyway.

The infantry-chaos buff on charm is also a good thing for your active ability. I am still waiting for them to fix Bladedancer on lvl 25, since with this charm, you’d be able to just wreck anything. Marauders would die in 3 ticks and it even does quite the numbers on maulers. One dash through a horde and no matter what’s in it, most of it would be dead. Don’t need no invisibility if there’s nothing left that could see you.

The crit chance I have because I go with Ressourceful Combatant on the sword. HM has no crit chance boost, but her cooldown is low enough that an occasional crit into a horde will give you back a good chunk, allowing you do dash again. I found that to be the best option, as the 1h sword has satisfactory mobility, so you can spam light attacks into a horde, or if it is too thick, start with a push attack, then light light, then one heavy sweap.
I found playing the 1h sword to be somewhere between 1h mace/hammer and Keri’s longsword. You got good mobility and very precise and damaging overheads from hammer, light sweaps are also more like the hammer, but speed is a bit slower, you have a very similarly good push atack, but you have sweaps that are a bit wider and the third heavy is a sweap similar to the long sword underhand strikes.

But I would agree that even without the attack speed debuff from HM, the 1h sword is a TAD bit too slow and I think this is what makes people not want to use it. It is versatily and you can do CC, horde clear and and armoured specials with it, but you need to consider the windup on attacks. In this regard, it does behave a little more like 2h sword. Even though the sword is very well-rounded, making it a bit faster would make it more accessable.

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Hi Licious-D,

thank you alot for the time you spent to provide explanation and justification for the made choices. I would by myself consider to replace crit chance by attack speed (I really do not like to have any malus remaining from my talent choices, although crit chance is the better synergy with Resourceful Combatant. And my kiting is not 100% accurate, attack speed mitigates therefore a bit damage). Fortunately, I have a 5% attack Speed, 10% chaos orange 1H Sword and I think, I will give it a try. =)

That also works well.

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