Bad Luck Protection for getting Reds from chests


I’d like to suggest a form of bad luck protection for getting reds from chests. The current system is severely punishing to many players, at its current implementation (i.e., it doesn’t account for supressing the lower tail of the gaussian probability distribution function).

My proposal is: every time a player opens a chest (that has an X probability of rolling a red), but doesn’t get one, that X probability is accumulated and used (added) in the next chest, until the system reaches 100% chance, gives a red, and resets.

For example, let’s say a player has 4 chests (with their respective probabilities of rolling a red in parenthesis), which are of different qualities: A (5%), B (3%), C (10%), D (15%)

  1. Opening chest A, the player has a 5% chance to get a red. He doesn’t get one, so the system stores 5% as accumulated chance.
  2. Opening chest B, the player has a 5% + 3% = 8% chance to get a red. He doesn’t get one, so the system stores 8% as accumulated chance.
  3. Opening chest C, the player has a 8% + 10% = 18% chance to get a red. He doesn’t get one, so the system stores 18% as accumulated chance.
  4. Opening chest D, the player has a 18% + 15% = 33% chance to get a red. He doesn’t get one, so the system stores 33% as accumulated chance.
  5. Etc.

The system will always converge to 100%, which is a guaranteed red, while accounting for the effort the player has done content-wise, as higher quality chests will contribute more to the accumulated chance.

Upon getting a red item, the system resets, and starts over.





It’s not an inherently bad idea, but I can see many of the more severe masochistic fans having beef with it.

Something along the lines of “reds aren’t meant to be easy to get” and “don’t water down the end game for all of us TRUE players”


Yeah, but screw those guys. In what other game can you play for 300 hours and potentially not have a single veteran/cosmetic item, let alone one they care about. I want the game to have a healthy playerbase and the current system does not promote that whatsoever. Doesn’t even reward the people who play a lot when someone with 10 hrs in game can get lucky and open something someone’s been trying to get for 1000 hours.


I agree. I’ve gotten close to 300 and there’s still no red in sight regardless of the fact I’ve been farming legend/champ for at least 90% of them.


That kind of system was already used for the DLC weapons in VT1. While it might indeed work well for Reds (which I think are somewhat overvalued in the vocal community, btw), the numbers need to be much lower, so the accumulated chance still makes them rare enough.


I love this idea


Even if it was a 1% increase in drop chance per non red applicable chest, it would still go a long way in satisfying the masses :slight_smile: Idc about the stats (well ok thats a lie i love stats) but i just want my weapons to glow like a badass!

They’re only overvalued because the crafting system is the worst kinda trash right now and green dust is non-existent for most people. When it can take hundreds of greens and hours of crafting to make an exotic that has perfect rolls, the reds are kinda mandatory.

They seriously need to adopt all of VT1’s crafting system, as well as its Deeds and Contracts system ASAP.


Normally when you play a sequel its a game that expands upon the concepts laid forth in the first. I really don’t understand why they launched with such a bare bones system for crafting/loot acquisition considering these were issues they faced and handled in V1. Did they just figure the same problems wouldn’t happen again? Or that the community would be happy to wait eight months for them to solve it with DLC like last time?

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They are not overvalued. Their true value is not having 1-2% more dmg vs chaos and .5% more attack speed. Its mostly experimenting and that last bit of power might just be enough together with your weapon or charm to reach a very important breakpoint, reducing the required number of hits against raiders by 1 is rather huge, for example. Its also the nice feeling in my gut, knowing that my necklace and trinket are perfect and will never have to be touched again, outside of variety builds.

On Topic: I am always very supportive to ideas that put some kind of sureity into purely RNG based systems, so I like this idea very much.

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I’ve suggest the same thing on various threads. I really hope they do something like that. Also allowing us to convert blue to green dust is high on my list. I’m really not playing now just because I can’t reliably make progress in improving my gear and more importantly, testing. That’s after 370 hours of playing btw.

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Awesome idea, hope they implement it. Maybe not the full 5% (or however much) bump if no red is received, but they definitely should improve the odds over time without getting one. I’m about 125 hours in now and not a single red or cosmetic… don’t get me wrong I’m still loving the game but seeing other people run around with their fancy glowy weapons makes me sad :frowning:

there’s less than 50,000 reds that have dropped so far, across over 1 million players, if you go by steam achievement of players who have equipped a veteran weapon. the value you have for a red should by tied to the skill and time you personally spent to acquire it, not 95% of players not having one at all.


This system should also be applied to cosmetics. It’s great

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Nothing more infuriating than being a VT1 vet with hundreds of hours in both games and watching a VT2 noob flounder about derpingly with a veteran item and cosmetic on when you still don’t have anything you’re after.

Pure RNG is such a trash loot system that should have been left to rot in the 90s/2000s. The lack of VT1’s Deeds and Contracts system in VT2 makes me crazy in that it so obviously should have been included from the get go.

Well, in our group we’ve gotten about 20 red items so far on about the same amount of chests. I’ve gotten 14
(most of them are charms, trinkets or necklaces) of them and our Victor got his first veteran yesterday.

I even got two out of the same chest just to p*ss everyone in my group off.

I would love some way of controlling what you get, some way of being able to stop getting duplicates. And sure, you can with very, very high luck roll an exotic just as good as a veteran item but the chance to do that is so low that it’s not fun.

Tbh, I think the crafting system needs a complete overhaul because now it’s 100% RNG, and that’s simply not fun!


I also have not one, not two, but THREE sets of veteran Drake Fire Pistols. U guys jelly much?


Thanks to everyone for the inputs, even a variation of the system (with lower accumulated chance, as some suggested) would go a long way in removing significant player frustration around this issue.

Indeed it would.

4 trinkets, 4 charms, 3 trinkets.

My 12th red the other day was finally a weapon.