Red drop rates seem to be ok :)!

I’m rubbing this one in :smiling_imp::

Played Festering and Warcamp. We didn’t even bother to collect tomes, etc…
Opened 2 lower legend chests…

…and boom:

…more boom:

The red exe was a nice addition, because I was missing it in my collection and I like to play with it. Don’t really care for shield and bow…charms I have endless…
This had never happend to me before. The game won’t give me reds for a 100 games now…haha :)!


Daaaamn O_O


I have never gotten that many in just 2 chests, although i have gotten like 5 spread across 10 when i opened them in a row.

Before going on a 30-ish dry spell.

Ranald does as he pleases.


Yeah dunno if they bumped up % for red because they drop like crazy right now


Cries in necklaces.



Aww dont be sad .c

Look at the bright side! Either you have a lot of bling or you´ve got a lot of shiny dust, either is good^^

Okay yeah this is uncanny. Did one quick run today to test how things were (jank, bugs etc.). I was pleasantly surprised and then I got these to boot:

And that from a commoner’s vault. I was missing both the FS and the bolt on Sienna.

After that it was naturally Return of the Necklace (daily Emp chest):

All in all can’t complain.

Rerolling reminded me of how much we need a vanilla crafting rework however, I didn’t have the reroll mod on so it was even worse having to do it. I hate how you have to reroll both properties at once and can’t do them individually.


Not bad :)! Another one has been blessed :muscle:!

Individual rolls would be quite welcomed! It’s tedious currently and makes no point anymore. It just takes time. I’m not going to run out of crafting material any time soon…
This was a “scarcity” element for the beginning, that “encouraged” you to play and earn more --> craft more.
How much did I really craft? Only when a new weapon plan was released or if I wanted to try out something. The best stuff comes from within the chests.
Maybe FS is planing an overhaul…?

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Pretty sure I remember reading something about changes to crafting based on how people reacted to Weaves crafting.

I personally hope we get the weave system moved over to the base game. Chests just drop cosmetics and they do away with the dust and scape altogether.

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Worse, I made the mistake of rerolling oranges back in the day when I was new to the game and thought: hah, I’m not going to get red drops anyway!

Now I’m verging on bankruptcy every time I get a red drop I need to reroll. But I’m not playing on the regular atm at least, waiting for S2 + Lohner’s Emp etc. before I get WoM and play more again.


That’s good news!
BUT: chests only dropping cosmetics is a bad idea. Discourages the idea of Tomes and Grims brought along the way. At lest for me. I won’t collect them “only” for cosmetics.
And there’s plenty for an extra challenge!
The new Emporium will handle cosmetics completely --> if it’s free for all!
Looking forward for a middle ground, or something completely different for crafting!

:)! Me too…for a while. I wanted to get the best % on my orange items. Only one ever rolled out with a perfect score…
An ambitious player though suggested I’d stop and head on to legend :)!

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Not really, you’ll still need to farm your smexy red skins. But this makes Legend and Cata more accessible to newer players, as you can have a max stat orange weapon. I dunno, I don’t need reds, I’ve been sitting at 100+ red dust for ages. And the grind to get Reds wasn’t why I kept playing. Just my opinion.

Well yeah, once you have them all it’s a problem - there FS definitely needs an incentive to keep people opening chests and/or using the mats toward a goal (eg repairing the keep or w/e). But I’m on like 350 hours (200 on Legend and up I believe) and I don’t have all the ones I want yet, let alone a 1/3rd of the rest overall. Getting them is going to keep me busy for a good while yet.

If you want necklaces I’m your guy though. I’m practically that shady guy at the edge of the playground trying to get kids hooked on them at this point.

I’m also someone who can spend ours in crafting/inventories/auction houses in MMOs so getting more, improved loot is important to me, even if I had all the things I want already. Even if I play VT2 more of the challenge than ‘economy’ it leaves a sour taste in my mouth not getting a Cata reward at the end of a Cata mission.

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True. For me it’s the atmo and combat feeling why I still come back and enjoy.
BUT: in the beginning it was, at least for me! I never cared much for cosmetics, etc…but I felt a better weapon’s a nice reward for a difficult accomplishment.
A weapon might feel better than a hat or an illusion for newcomers.

At this point (I think) we don’t know exactly what the Emporium is going to offer. But it might take care over cosmetics/illusions as a whole.

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