Just got my first red since 1.04 release....3rd necklace

At this point I’m only still playing because Slayer is very fun to play. But I won’t be opening anymore chests until this loot system is changed. No more interest in struggling through legend for chests full of blues or yet another dupe. I have ONE red weapon in a ridiculous number of hours played (and I don’t even use it because Slayer can’t use it). The last patch had some great changes, really appreciate gun rats not shooting me through walls, the loot dice on bosses, etc. but none of it matters if there’s no carrot at the end of the stick.

I just play a few games with slayer at the end of the day to let off some steam now, but after so many chests with no red to finally get another red and it be another necklace is just sad.

Hopefully you’ll address this issue in the coming content patch, but really, shame on you Fatshark for not foreseeing how problematic this would be. If nothing else just remove red accessories from the loot table as far as I’m concerned.


I’m impressed that you even manage to beat Legend. As for the rest it is quite literally the same for me.

hey! it’s krazykruber’s daily post related to leaving the game.


at least it was kept at one this time

I got 4 reds XD Yay so cool. 1 trinket and 3 necks. ffs

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I mean it’s a bit frustrating, but I’ve found that focusing on the fact that the game is super fun to play works wonders!

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