Red dlc random drop

“Sorry to burst you bubble, but the average person does not have such empty lives that they can throw away 300 hours to grind. Hence why the playerbase is so small in the upper difficulties.”

“Average person” or whatever it means, get an average loot.
Want better loot? Take books.
You want to take books but don’t have a team? Make friends.

Vermintide is a hard coop game. If you play casually, you’ll play on lower difficulties and get a lower tier loot.
Want to better loot? Invest into the game and make friends (again). Oh and reds don’t make you any better, playtime and teamwork does.


I said it before and I’ll say it again: the grind in this game is terrible and makes me want to play less rather than play more.


MMO games have worse grind than this game. You don’t know pain until you’ve spent 6 months getting a full set of gear with the right traits only to find out the devs re-balanced it and now it’s obsolete.

Then why are you here? What are you playing for that’s making you so miserable?

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Comparing to a completely different genre isn’t terribly helpful. Just because grind is worse elsewhere doesn’t mean the amount of grind in V2 is good for the game.

I mean this seems a little silly? Obviously you can very much dislike one aspect of a game while liking the other aspects enough to still be hooked.

The real question is whether or not the amount of grind in V2 improves the game or makes it worse. To me it’s undoubtedly the latter. Which is not to say all grind is bad, giving progression that matches the skill progression of the player is great. However, keeping them grinding long after max level when they’re already Cata level is not particularly fun.


“Obviously you can very much dislike one aspect of a game while liking the other aspects enough to still be hooked.” - I couldn’t have said it better myself.

You do understand that this forum is literally called “Vermintide 2 - Feedback”, right? It’s a forum meant for, and this is a shocker… feedback. Do forgive me if I give feedback here, of all places.


Games are games and all games have a degree of grind in some ways.

I just don’t get what everyone is fussing over considering that 99% of most games out there are far grindier than Vermintide 2 REGARDLESS of what kind of game it is.

-You can get red weapons from Champion general and emperor’s chests.
-You can skip the difficulty power lock by playing deeds with other people.
-You can even make it to Champion with three level 300 jewelry pieces and gear from winning 1 Veteran game (after leveling up 1 hero to max)

Hero power = 10 * Level + (Sum of Item powers)/5
= 10*1 + (5 + 5 + 300 + 300 + 300)/5
= 192

Champion power level restriction= 220

220 - 192 = 28 (easily obtainable by winning 1 Veteran game)

I’m sorry but in terms of grind, it’s basically nonexistent in this game.

In my experience, I am able to get 1-3 red weapons from 88 Champion General/Emperor’s chests.

So, what is so grindy about V2?

Yes, feedback, but you made a comment that the game makes you want to play less. That is not feedback.

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“Feature X makes the game less fun” is literally the definition of feedback.

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Again, you’re not saying what part of the game is not fun for you. Just making snide comments is not feedback.

Read my entire post and tell me what part of the game that is making you so upset.

I think you’re misunderstanding me here somewhat. I don’t personally have an issue with the power level grind or that difficulties are locked behind power levels. I just find the loot system is unnecessarily stingy.

I already pointed to one of my main contentions. 5 red dust for 1 illusionless red is an unnecessarily bad trade. Do you really think it would break the loot progression if it was like, 3 red dust instead?

Tbh it’s never really bothered me.

I have 1400hrs and only 15 red dust currently. Most of my DLC weapons are still orange rarity…


I’m happy we actually have an option to craft red weapons where it’s absolutely non-existent in V1 and you had to get perfect rolls on Nightmare or get enough to hit the 2nd from the top on the loot table in Cata to get a red item/hat.

Or pray one shows up on the Bounty Board but even then it takes almost a week to get 9 keys (I think it’s 9 keys for red items).

For me, V1 red item grind was far worse.

FYI, no crafted weapon gets an illusion so I don’t understand why people are upset about crafted red weapons not getting an illusion.

If I’m completely honest, I prefer the orange rarity illusions and Sienna’s blue illusion for her 2h mace over the red weapon illusions. The blue runes do not look good on some weapons especially when it’s on top of a weapon that looks old and dirty.

Example: the billlhook’s orange illusion is so much better than the red illusion.

I certainly wouldn’t disagree. On the other hand the process for rerolling oranges was arguably much easier, which helps a fair bit.

Is that really how low our expectations are though? If it’s better than V1 to any degree it’s fine? I dunno I just think that’s a pretty low bar. Reroll and crafting improvements were great steps forward but there’s still way too much time wasting going on for my tastes.


I feel like doing the 500 deeds challenge kind of makes the loot system irrelevant. If you’re consistently clearing Legend deeds for weeks on end, you’ll be absolutely swimming in red items.

For reference, I currently have 245 red weapons spread across the characters, as well as 189 red dust (and that’s after spending 20 red dust on Bardin’s new weapons). Stingy this ain’t.

However, if deeds are not to your taste (and I can definitely understand that), it’s a different story. Still, the option to get as many reds as you could possibly want is there.

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Not just better but immensely better.

It took me over 2 years to get my first red weapon in V1 and only 2 months in V2.

I would say that’s definitely an improvement. Besides, I don’t have max stats on my orange dual hammers. I don’t even care they don’t have max stats as I have no problem with them on Legend/Cata.

The rerolling feature could be similar to the shrine in V1 but I don’t really think it’s needed.

3% is not much different than 5% and is barely noticeable in game. (which is my current atk speed on my orange dual hammers btw)

Max stats on weapons are nice but if you’re just playing Champion/Legend then you really don’t need them.

But, If you understand your hero’s career, which attacks and how many hits to kill specific enemies, and are a really strong cata ready player, then you can clear cata with any weapon with whatever stats even if they are not maxed out.

Maxed out stats do not make you a better player. Experience does.

Nothing you said is incorrect. But at the same time none of it is actually an argument for why it’s a positive for the game to be wasting your time at all.

I don’t think missing some reds is stopping me playing the difficulty I want to play or holding me back or whatever. It’s just an annoying chore if I wanna reroll to try alternate builds and don’t have a red for that. Reds to me are not desirable so much for max stats, but for the ease of rerolling when experimenting with different properties and builds.

It just feels like the game actively getting in the way of me playing it. The game gives me minimal info to theorycraft builds in the first place, then If I want to go and try to myself experiment with different combinations it makes the process of setting up new builds repetitive, bizarrely time consuming and generally unenjoyable. Why? To what end?


So the fact that the grind was worse in the previous game, doesn’t really make it right in V2, indeed.

But as already said, this is something they’re already looking with crafting 2.0. It’s probably not there yet, but we can’t really improve on the current formula knowing the formula is subject to change in the “maybe near maybe not” future.


Keep your head up @alsozara

I do believe that Chaos Wastes will bring forth a new or improved crafting table.

I mean, why else would they move the old ones out by the courtyard? It seems to me that they are planning on destroying them when the new expansion comes out :smiley:

fingers crossed

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I’mma keep my expectations in check, but indeed if there are bigger system changes on the near horizon Chaos Wastes is probably when they’ll drop.

FS have been doing really well overall recently I’d say, so yeah I’ll stay cautiously optimistic on this stuff :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t have any insight on the matter but as Lohner’s shop, Quest System and Trophy room didn’t come with a dlc, I don’t think that crafting will come with a DLC. (as I also don’t wait for Season 4 to be Weaves 2.0 for example).

So I wouldn’t get my hopes up too soon.

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What’s with all the clowns making this about me?

‘Dude if you want reds just do x’
‘Vermintide is hard and hard “work” should be rewarded’

Personally i have most reds and several hundred chests lying around, I don’t make this thread to get more reds. The post is clearly centered around making the game more accessible to newer players.

If you are relatively familiar with games and not learning disabled, it doesn’t take long at all to get into vermintide.

Everyone of these players are forced to spend a truckload if time if they want to ‘join’ the game and play with friends already enjoying cata+. There is no reason for it to be like this, when it can be so easily remedied.

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The only person making this about you is you. For example, my comments about how to get more reds were in response to @SirKruber and @alsozara’s discussion earlier today, not in response to your OP.

Calling other posters “clowns” and telling people who play the game more than you that they have “empty lives” is not going to make anyone sympathetic to your message.

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