Red dlc random drop

What is the purpose of taking part of a conversation, if you just make up what others are saying? You might as well be talking to yourself. Baffling.

I’ll leave it to the reader to decide whether or not I’m “making up what others are saying.”


Ideally, we could get actual red weapons instead of just the illusions, for the DLCs challenges. That way even new players could get them, and it’s not like the system would be abused.

I don’t have anything to do with my red dust, but I mean…

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How? I have 200 more hours and 300+ red dust xd

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That is the kind of expectation that makes you disappointed afterwards. Life lesson: Never expect anything.

Or Lohner is building a bunker under the castle? So or so, it doesnt seem very bright to me considering that there isnt that much rock to begin with for forming a fundament. If I were to attack the castle I would just bomb away the below.

I don’t open my boxes anymore and I have the weapons that I wanted/use the most.

So, for me, there’s no point in opening any boxes.

I’m not keeping weapons I don’t like using and I don’t keep weapons just for the “collection.” My Inventory is super clean.

Not that you’ll read this message but keeping chests does serve no purpose as they are now versioned.
Which means that if they would change the drop chance of reds for example, you would not get the ‘updated drop chance’ in your current chests. Could probably join your dust then.

Well opening chests and have a messy inventory system until you destroy all the items you just got is also pointless if you already have everything you’d ever want… Just a shore at the end, so I can sympatize with SirKruber there.

Imagine to get 1 red item (red dust if you already have the item) you would have to open say 10 chests… that’s 29 items to destroy. You can destroy 9 items at a time so 3x to destroy 27 items + a 4th for the remaining 2. Now imagine to get 5 reds/dust, that’s 50 chests, 145 items, 16 times to destroy items + 1 to destroy the last remaining item…

(Remember you had to manually put the 9 items before, although if you have orange items you don’t want to destroy, you still should manually do it so you don’t accidentally destroy the things that you want to keep)

Can you see where I’m getting at? It sucks to open chests if you don’t actually need the stuff in them. Ask Fuplaayz, he would gladly give his 1000+ unopened chests if he could :joy:


The obvious bandaid solution is to make a way to earn red dust (awarded on level up?), and to sell the illusions of the reds that are now exclusively pulled from RNG chests in Lohner’s Emporium.

The best solution, however, is to introduce an Athanor like crafting system to adventure mode, and to make the illusions earned with weapon-befitting challenges instead of as RNG rewards, in the style of the weapon illusions earned in the GK and Engineer DLCs. And I say that as someone with all the illusions and weapons and dust that I’ll ever need until the servers go ofline, so it wouldn’t make a difference for me personally (before the “gitgud” style replies of come).

The arguments about how grind is worse in other games, about how grind is in all other games so it should be in V2 as well, and about how it “should” be so that good items can only be earned with an unreasonably long (RNG-)grind to justify the horrible grind in V2 as it currently is are utter büllshit and should not be engaged upon further. Those all sound like “Back in my day we had to walk to school in the snow barefooted and uphill both ways!” and / or Stockholm-syndrome. The fun of Vermintide has never been about the grind, but about great gameplay and player challenging tests of skill. Go grind MMOs or Diablo if that’s your thing, but keep that artificial “extra” content out of this otherwise amazing game, please.


Grinding for reds shouldn’t be a thing, once in legend you should immediately start swimming in dust, just upgrade every blue to orange and every orange to red. Make it red dust if you must to keep the red illusions behind the grind. There is significant benefit to breakpoints and having to grind for a potential 8 games of full book completed averages 4 hours, add another 1 hour for failed runs and time in keep, you get 1 red. That’s a minimum of 25 hours to get a red DLC weapon. Granted on melee weapons an extra 1% Crit and 1% attack speed are hardly worth much. But for ranged weapons it’s almost everything. 1 less shot from a volley crossbow to kill special X is an additional 15 arrows over the course of the game. Those 15 arrows could be the difference between success or failure when blasted into a monster for 600 damage.

Some builds can get away with using 100 dust on rerolling 2 items because it only needs 31% power vs to hit a breakpoint. Other builds, like BW getting a OS HS on CWs requires 38.5% on Legend. Either you spend all your dust trying to hit that, or you realize that you need two reds.

To those who support the ridiculous grind, why? Why not just make it worse so players don’t even have access to their talents at full strength? Then they’ll really appreciate the full value right? Why not have ranged weapons that have less max ammo? Why not have staffs that use triple the magic so they’ll love it when they can finally cast that 3rd fully charged bolt?

The grind is idiotic and pointless. Power level, talents, and equipment % is all there to discourage and hobble the player. The game feels harder on veteran with no such things than it does on Cata with full builds. If you want to encourage players to play then incentivize experimentation with builds, and give them the tools to do so. Grinding for 16 hours to try a new playstyle is how to kill player motivation. For example if I wanted to play huntsman, but the talents that make him viable are locked at 25 and 30. BW is locked at 10 and 20. Shade is level 30, etc. some heroes are easier to get into than others, and that’s not just because of talents. Straightforward play styles are better for new players. But still they shouldn’t be unable to play on Champion or Legend simply because they haven’t invested enough hours into loot box opening. The skill challenge is the fun part. The grind is not. Remove the grind, it never belonged.


What would be the point of playing if you are literally swimming in dust and can make every red weapon in the game?

Besides, the only difference between orange and red weapons is that red weapons always have max stats.

That’s it.

Reds don’t make you better.

While we’re at it, how about Fatshark just gives everyone all the DLC and premium cosmetics for free too?

What you’re suggesting is absolutely ridiculous. Sure, red dust should be a little easier to come by but we shouldn’t be getting heaps of it either.

I’d get to play the actual game, rather than reroll and grind. Gameplay> grinding. If I want to play OSHS CW bolt BW why should I be forced to grind for hours on end first? If I want to swap over to monster shredder volley BH why should I have to grind for hours first?

Those break points are worth seconds of precious time and ammo on every special. Reds do in fact make you better at dealing damage. For example, albeit extreme Swiftbow Waystalker can use 3 charged arrows per SV. Or with power VS only 2. Are you really going to argue that an extra 33 arrows isn’t massive gameplay advantage? Especially on a vanguard deed?

Premiums and cosmetics don’t impact gameplay, why bring involve it?


I fully agree with @FrivolousWizard here.

The gameplay itself, obviously. The challenge of taking on a higher difficulty. Trying a different weapon or class. Messing around with your buddies. To therapeutically whack some rats after a long day. Trying to do some hard challenge. Unlocking cool illusions, if you want to get a more substantial reward. There is no reason to say that the game can’t be rewarding if you don’t have to grind for weapon stats, especially if that grind is R-N-fücking-G! Quite the bloody opposite, really! As Wiz explained, the game experience would only be better if that whole system was abolished.

This also isn’t true, since breakpoints are a thing and its just as bad to grind for a sufficient orange as it is to grind for a red. A red item allows you to more freely switch builds and classes, without suffering in effectiveness.

I’d go even further, and say that stat-wise, what are currently reds should be the only weapons in the game.

And this is a complete non-sequitur. Cosmetics could and should still be earned seperately from the weapon stats. And preferably not through RNG.


You can do all of that with orange weapons.

I take my orange dual hammers on RV in cata and DWONS all the time and they do not have max stats either.

I do just fine and I am still able to enjoy the game.


That it is possible to do high level content with sub-maximum powered weapons while enjoying it is not the real point. The point is that the crafting / item distribution system is needlessly oppressive towards player freedom, and that it would be better and allow more player freedom if it weren’t. The grind towards a good weapon does not add anything of real value to this game, and only serves to annoy players.

That a super elite player like you can play Cata 3 DWONS FoW hypertwitch with only grey items and one hand tied behind your back, while playing those MMOs (that you’re also always talking about how super good you’re at) on your other monitor does not have to do with the point or anything else here.


Pretty sure you’re not missing any break points there…

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Sounds like you and your friends should download this mod and play on the modded realm.

Congratulations! Now you have everything you want without all the work :smiley:

I can still clutch with them without issue if that’s what you’re worried about.

Besides, I do not concern myself with meta builds especially ones that hinder how I want to play. Hitting breakpoints might be more efficient but are not necessary to win.

LOL okay :snowflake:

Sounds like you need to chill out (yes, pun intended). Personal attacks only make you look bad and you’ll lose respect from the other users. They’ll see how easily triggered you get and might think twice before responding to you in the future.

Relax. We’re talking about a video game.

I don’t know what games you’ve been playing but compared to literally any other game out there that isn’t My Little Pony, this game has very minimal grind to it.

At least we’re not forced to fight the lords over and over to obtain “legendary” weapons.

Yeah, fine, my reply was snappy, and it wasn’t called for. But I’m just getting frustrated with how much you just (deliberately?) won’t get the bloody point.

Who gives a hoot about other games, and how bad or good the grind in Vermintide is compared to those? The whole point is that the grind is completely superfluous and detrimental to this game, in a general sense. Whether or not one can tolerate it or not. Whether it can be circumvented with the modded realm or not. (Good luck doing quickplays on it if your only gripe is the weapon crafting system by the way; You will miss the full experience of the game if you must use mods to get around this bad system.) Also, the point isn’t whether I personally need a rework / bypass or not, because this isn’t about me, but about a mechanic in the game that is either good or bad. (It’s bad, by the way.)

The thing we’re discussing is if this game would simply be better without a grind for item power and traits or not. You just keep bringing up completely irrelevant stuff like how it is in other games, how it is tolerarable to you personally, that you can still play high content, and other such things that make me question your reading comprehension.


Seriously, dude, you need to chill.

Your argument sounds extremely entitled. You want everything handed to you without putting in the work.

If you don’t like it then you can just not play the game or wait for the game to change. You can cry all you want but it’s at the mercy of Fatshark Studios.

The whole reason why there is any grind at all in any game is to give players an incentive to keep playing.

If you had half a brain you would have figured that out all by yourself.

So, I get a half apology and another insult. Thanks, I guess? Also there’s nothing wrong with my reading comprehension but there is something wrong with you for wanting everything handed to you like you deserve it without even working towards it.

Do you get upset when you don’t get a raise immediately on the first day at work?

No, you don’t because you have to EARN it.

I shouldn’t have to explain how that is relevant to grinding for gear in this or any other game.

Nobody likes grinding, they enjoy playing the game at full power, talents, etc. The game is fun enough for me, and you, to endure the horrific grind, but it’s no reason to not make the game more accessible. Give massive amounts of reds, and exp, and the player base might not be so small.

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