Is it time to address the cost of crafting Veteran/Red weapons?

With a large number of DLC weapons now available, is it time to reduce the playtime/effort required to craft Veteran/Red weapons?

As someone with ~400 hours in game (I realise that’s not much compared to many who are active here) I’ve collected enough red dust to craft 2 Veteran weapons. I keep 1 or 2 of each Veteran weapon type I loot (depending on whether I’m likely to need alternate stats for a given weapon and whether it’s a duplicate skin) and just 1 of each Necklace/Charm/Trinket skin, and scrap the rest. I know people with 2000+ hours still don’t have enough red dust to craft all DLC weapons.

This wouldn’t be as much of a problem if rerolling decent stats on Orange weapons wasn’t such a nightmare. Particularly on ranged weapons where 1% Power can be the difference between reaching a breakpoint or not. I’ve completely given up trying to roll a perfect 10%/10% Power ranged Orange weapon. I’m not sure what the statistics are, but I’m quite confident that rolling a perfect 10%/10% in the Power stats you want would typically take more than 1000 reroll attempts, maybe even 1000 is on the lower end. That’s a crazy amount of time and resources, and not enjoyable in the slightest.

So if the Loot/Crafting systems aren’t going to be overhauled, is it time that FatShark address this?

The simple solution would be to reduce the red dust cost of crafting Veteran weapons, maybe to 2-3. Another more ‘fun’ / engaging option could be to reward red dust for completing weekly challenges.

What do people think? I realise many people that post here have 2000+ hours in game, so it’s likely to be less of a concern to some.


This topic has been discussed to death in the past 2-3 years and really the only thing we can do at this point is to have fatshark actually do something with the feedback they have. (and considering how often this pops up, they should have it)

Personally I got nothing against giving red dust as weekly/daily rewards or just making stuff easier to craft material wise. I have even suggested just allowing us to convent some yellow to red.


dont know, i get 5 items per day in average. I remember in the past 2-3 years ago red items were much more rare.

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How long do you play each day?

I would assume 3 Vaults per hour is about as optimal as you could expect (considering wipes, longer maps etc). At an assumption of a 20% chance of Vaults containing a Veteran item (which is roughly right on averagr if you’re doing Wastes/getting books on Campaign maps) you’d need 25 Vaults to get 5 Veteran items at a high level estimate, or about 8-9 hours of play with an optimistic view. Unless I’m missing something?

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Athanor for adventure mode pls.

Yeah, the perfect system would be Athanor mixed with the Loadout Manager mod.

As someone with about 3k-4k hours in the game, it was up until a point.

The farm being capped by inventory space, and the crafting being RNG, with no special or unique stats on reds made it more boring as it went along.

Reds are basically capped out oranges. Getting the skins and the first red of each item is the most fun part of it. I mean, I have capped out orange items that I haven’t ever had to change, making reds feel boring.

Charms and Trinkets are annoying to manage.

Dismantling for hours isn’t fun, and at a point the entire reward and crafting system feel like a chore.

If there was some way to make it RNG up until you reach a certain point, and then Athanor-like, once you reach that point, it would make the game much more fun.

Most of my enjoyment comes from testing new builds, but the crafting system has made me close the game quite a few times out of boredom.

There was no endgame planned for V2. I have around 1k chests, 200+ of green and blue dusts, like 20k of the item parts. Then I have to spend like 30 minutes to get stats on one weapon, clicking the same button over and over again.

Also, Traits and most stats being the same for every build was the cherry on top. Oh, another Swiftslaying/BCR/Crit build. :yawning_face:

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5 items per day average? I think I was getting 5 items per week average lately and I played a lot on the anniversary weeks.

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Not so sure about that. I want an easy way that’s also compatible with quick switching all the properties with one click.

I’d like to have multiple instances of the same weapons (like now) but with an easier way to get the properties/traits i want (maybe like Athanor).


I just wanted to add my 0.2$

grinding for reds is like the “end-game” grind. Maybe there is overwhelming data to suggest that people who get all reds (or max out their items in a similar game) eventually stop playing since there is nothing to progress towards (challenges excepted).

Is it safe to say the adventure mode hustle, ups and downs, opening 5 emperors, etc. is part of what keeps its dedicated players on?

PS: How about using an amount of red dust to turn blacksmith variants into guaranteed red items on craft?

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I can sympathize, but I dislike the idea. Reds are basically the top-tier endgame loot, so they should be rare and special, not something you collect a full set (or two) of by default.

I don’t mind the droprate so much. But DLC weapons should really also drop from Chests when the opener has the DLC in their library.

So I have over 1500 hours in the game, I still jump on time and again. Mainly after some sort of patch like the one now, or just as I feel like it.
I have every red item I need so I just come back for the gameplay mainly. But I also adore Warhammer fantasy, so I might be a bit of an outlier.

To slide into the main topic, I think rebalancing the costs of crafting red items is just a band-aid fix and the whole property/trait system needs a (almost) complete redo. I had recently jumped back into VT1 and I still think the trait system there was much more interesting and more friendly to players.

The easiest thing they could add is chance to reroll percentages of selected property on the weapon. This would make it much easier to minmax your oranges.
Secondly though I think they need to make reds more interesting, especially if they would ever implement my first suggestion. VT1 reds had only two curated rolls to choose from, but a lot of those could not be achieved on orange weapon, making it just more than a simple weapon skin.
I honestly have no clue how to achieve. The only thing that comes to mind is allowing reds to have the athanor crafting and/or have a few unique red only traits or properties.

EDIT: Another thing this game could use is a way to upgrade hero power on a select weapon. This would make the game much more friendly to beginners.


not to mention that in v1 weapons got intrestings effects rather than some broing stats that only exists to meet breakpoints.


Not sure why people defend “red weapons are supposed to be end game loot” or
“theyre supposed to be rare”.

The amount of time it takes to get red weapons for new(ish) players and veterans is comical and can be frustrating.
Once you hit max level the drop rate should increase, by what percent I dont know.
Game is 4 years old at this point, and people with hundreds if not thousands of hours still need to grind for a PVE game.

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If there are people with 2k hours with insufficient red dust to craft DLC weapons, they don’t play on high difficulties or they haven’t played a lot of the legend games. But they should have enough in the latter case.

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I doubt many with those hours actually need to grind reds but rather the specific illusions for the said red weapons.
Personally I got all the reds I ever want and more dust than I probably will ever need but I’m still missing few illusions that I can’t be bothered to farm.