Paid Cosmetic Hats are ridiculously overpriced

Disclaimer: This is my personal feedback concerning the price of paid cosmetics in V2 and even though I had to uninstall the game because of the unstable backend that has rendered the game unplayable for me, I still feel like I should mention it for other players to decide for themselves if the price to content ratio is worth it for them in hopes the devs will either reconsider the price or add something to it make it worth the price.

The price for 1 hat in V2 ranges from $2.99-4.99 each which is absurdly ridiculous.

Take paid cosmetics from Borderlands 2:

Each one is listed and has always been listed for $0.99 per pack and you get 1 hat and 1 skin!! A matching set no less!

ESO charges roughly the same price for cosmetics as V2 but you get a full outfit for that price!

I’m sorry but no single hat is worth $3-5 in any game. At that price, we should be getting a matching skin/outfit to go along with the hat.

I will not be partaking in purchasing any cosmetics until either the price goes down permanently, it starts including a matching skin, or it goes on sale.

To put it into perspective:
Price of all cosmetics pre-tax in US dollars: $58.85 (with tax $65)
Price of all DLC including CE: $56 (with tax $62)

I’m sorry but cosmetics should NEVER cost more than actual content in a game.


While i agree 3-5$ for a hat is expensieve, You buy hats to support the developers so they can keep working on adding content dlc’s that will be free in the future. Like where i live charities come to your house to sell cookies, yes the cookies are expensieve for just being cookies, but you buy them because you wanna support the charity, if that makes sense. If you don’t wanna support, thats completly ok, they will (i hope) keep adding new cosmetics that you will be able to buy with shillings.


Interestingly you take Borderlands 2 cosmetics as an example where they costed a bit more when they came out.
Now, and this is important. Thoses DLC are a way to fund future content for free. And, yes, they’ll need money. So find your most suitable alternative to actually sell stuff :

  • Either it’s DLC, and it create the “cataclysm” issue (locked behind a paywall, and do not reward enough)
  • Either it’s lootboxes that you buy, and it create way more issues. Say bye to completists.
  • Either it’s real money can pay virtual money, which means the virtual money will be gained so slowly that you’ll die before having it.
  • Either it’s this case; cosmetic dlc.

Select your favorite option to fund future content, or propose an alternative.


We already paid a lot of money for stuff with questionable QUALITY.
We’re 2 years in and the game still has basic issues which either are ignored to favor new content, seem unfixable or even degrading, or keep returning.
Once these have been addressed in a satisfying manner, I will “look into it” if I finance them additionally or not.
Also some of these cosmetics is just atrociously bad. The only ones I currently considered were Sienna’s, but 2 of the 3 are just NO.


Still doesn’t mean devs doesn’t get paid because you had a bad opinion of the work they did. They still need that money. They don’t have a secret chest of infinite money.
Therefore, ranting is not one of the option listed for this exact reason.


No. I buy hats because I want that my hero looks great.

Then how do you not like this update? you litterally have to pay nothing and you will get free content. Before we had to pay to get cata or maps.


Because they still haven’t delivered the original product I paid them for.

So I guess you have 0 hour of play then ?

Just because I’m using a cabinet, it doesn’t mean that the door that is hanging off is not a problem. So there you go with your playtime argument.
And yes, there was a time when I regarded bugs as an added feature / difficulty. But the gone on for so long now, that I no longer do that and play MUCH less accordingly.


Usually you don’t ask for a baker to solve your door hanging off, and you don’t rant aimlessly around the building complaining about it.
If you have bugs, that’s unfortunate, but post them in the bugs section. If you want to speak about the game, there’s the game section.

Fatshark is not a baker in this case, but the artisan that made the cabinet.


Fatshark is not one person. The artisan that made the cabinet is looking bug sections to fix your cabinet. Not “feedback about other stuff”.

You do not pay a person additionally who repeatedly fails to deliver what he promised.


That’s still not the topic problem here, it won’t solve your specific issue, whatever that is. And it won’t help the new person that did take the old job to actually know about your issue.

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Yes i understand. But this is a post about paid cosmetics in lohners emporium. You don’t have to buy anything, you don’t have to worry about your money going to waste if you don’t have to spend any anymore. Ofcourse i would like to get bugs fixes instead, but this is a good update, it literally doesnt change anything, the only thing that you could find bad about LE is the fact that there arent many new cosmetics. Other then the paid cosmetics, being able to get the commendation cosmetics without getting lucky is already good imo.


The op statement that the hats are expensive for what you get is perfectly true. Going into the whys and wherefores of HOW the money gets generated or whether you have playtime or not is largely individual taste.

I won’t be buying any of the hats in the shop at the moment. They’re too expensive for what you get and don’t match the existing armours. Other people are clearly quite happy to pay a lot for the hats, and do and that is also up to them. Some people might think the opposite of me and think that four quid is fine.

Some of the problem is that the playerbase is shrunk, If there were 70k concurrent players then possibly charging £1.50 per hat might be possible, but as there’s 2-4k players then they need to charge more as there’s a lower customer base to haul money from.

As @anon75893681 has pointed out, the fact I’ve got every cosmetic that isn’t paid for Kruber(sans reskins), and most of Sienna’s stuff it makes it hard to feel any warmth towards the shop when they haven’t even added the locked cosmetics in the game since launch - ones I’ve played with via modded realm in the past.

I appreciate I’m at the top end of playtime and that having all the items in the shop is fairly rare place to be so my enjoyment of the shop is hampered, but still.


Just don’t buy them then, no demand? lower prices or even sales!

Well it’s actually not perfectly true. It’s also largely individual taste.
Also player base is actually growing at the moment :

That is simply not true. I preordered Borderlands 2 on the Xbox 360 and when the paid cosmetics released, I bought them all and they were $0.99 each. I started PC gaming a few years and bought Borderlands 2 again because I love the game. It was and still is the same price as it was on the Xbox. I went back into my Xbox and checked my purchase history and it showed me when I bought them and how much I paid for them. It was easy to find as I only owned 3 games on the Xbox. Regardless of the price, at least you got a hat and a skin to match!

Second of all, the point I am trying to make is the price to content ratio doesn’t match compared to how cosmetic items are sold in other games. For the price we are paying, we would get FULL outfits in other games. The total price of all the current cosmetics cost MORE than all of the DLC for this game.

Which is exactly why I’m upset! I can’t even play the game right now with all the crashes and broken connections plus static/broken AI behavior since beta went live. So, even if I wanted to buy the cosmetics, I won’t be able to enjoy them.

They’ll get my money if they can show me they are willing to actually fix the bugs and optimize the game better. Right now, it seems like they don’t care about the state of the game and that hurts me. I loved this game. I want to play this game but I can’t.

Thank you for your comment. It really means a lot that you actually understood the point of my thread :heart:

If they included a matching skin with each hat then I would say the prices of these cosmetics would be fair.