With the Fatshark Developer Sale on Steam, do we also get a sale on Cosmetic Bundles or Aquilas?

Fatsharks! Thinsharks! Catsharks! Pawsharks! And all the other sharks that are swimming in your tank.

The time has cometh once again.

I, a humble goldfish, want to feed you. And I have seen your great sale on Steam.
Thus I ask - Does thy sale extend to the dark depths of the ocean that is your cosmetics store? Or am I forced to swim at lukewam lake depths once again?


A sale on spacebucks would be most welcome, but I feel very doubtful!

Probably not on Aquilas themselves but maybe in the future* they’ll have sales on the bundles.

*Future in Fatshark time, to clarify.

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Eh. Not going to happen any time soon, if at all.

I think I remember FS saying that having an in game purchasable currency would let them do twitch drops and other giveaways better.

Meanwhile, I don’t believe we’ve ever seen a single Aquila being given away.

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I don’t think you should reward FS for the state of the game.
Developers should get their money from units sold not cosmetics.


A one time purchase of $40 (even less now) is not going to consistently keep the devs in business.

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Sadly not the case. They only need to cater to a small percentage of mentally impaired whales that buy anything to get those neurons activated. It’s the reason modern day gaming is such an unenjoyable pain.


Let me guess, you’re one of those minimalists that still run around in your prison pj’s and beta helmet on damnation?

Make that auric maelstrom but yes. I only use cosmetics unlocked through gameplay. I’m one of those weird people that enjoy playing a game to unlock things instead of paying for instant gratification. As one with a modicum of self respect should.



That said, I do like a good cosmetic.


The majority of players buy some amount of cosmetics. If you want to include the deluxe edition in that number, all the people that not have spent more than $40 on Darktide are an extreme minority.

But no one is impressed. I’d rather not pay $20 for another Winds of Magic: Darktide Edition. And those whales are all that’s between you and paygated content.

Let me tell you something, sonny. When you’re lying awake at night, holding your pillow, wondering why no wenches want to kark you, its because you’re missing a little something called…

It ain’t cheap, but I ain’t broke either. You feel me?

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And what a lovely type of content it has been, those whale purchases delivered us.
Gaming was way better in terms of quality when you had to pay for expansions, it forced devs to actually deliver or not get the sale.

The entire system sustained by whales revolves around low effort palette swaps and overly detailed tacky mtx offerings. At worst MTX is needed to compete, at best it’s merely tacky cosmetics. Just look at the industry leaders and rolemodels for GAAS models like Destiny 2.

But sure go ahead and buy more.

Kek it always boils down to the same low tier insult with no argument provided. If it helps you sleep at night calling people poor and virgins good for you brother. I won’t even bother to ask if you’re projecting


I don’t think you played VT2 if you think the DLCs were good for their price.

They introduced new paygated systems that functionally reset your progress for abhorrent prices and very little new content. They added paygated DLC weapons that are much stronger than all of the base game weapons.

They are widely regarded as bad DLCs by the community. They released Chaos Wastes for free as a result, which is one of their best content expansions to Vermintide to date.

I also don’t understand your argument. You use Destiny 2 as an example of what Darktide is doing wrong when you have to pay $118 a year just for their seasonal content, now called “episodes”, which is all paygated content that you can’t play otherwise.

Not to mention having to buy every single expansion to get a variety of some of the best weapons and armor in the game… everything else being useless, or just for them to remove the content from the game later because they want to (they call it “vaulting”).

So are you defending paygated DLC content or not?

I still remember how Fatshark released some of the worst map packs for Vermintide 2 but instead of focusing on improving their level design (Dark Omens being the worst offender), they concluded wrong lessons in which map packs aren’t worth selling. It’s funny how the best maps for Vermintide 2 are ports from Vermintide 1, lmao.

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It seems par for the course that Fatshark learns the wrong lessons from things that pop up lmao it’s wild sometimes.

I feel you!

I do love me some drip.

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Worst part is that you had no choice but to buy them for the DLC weapons because of how much better they were.

So even if you didn’t care about the maps, or the Weave system, and so-on, you had no real choice. And some people think cosmetics are the cause of bad content…

Well, there’s no way paygating can be defended.
Having said that… I do have all them VT2 DLCs and cosmetics. I have not used any cosmetics because I’m just a normal person, not a cosmefurry.
But VT2 IMHO actually earned this support - compare the game quality and amount of content provided at launch, and also the game’s performance with the DT debacle.

Yeah, they tried to capitalise on monetisation from the get-go, forgetting that in VT2’s case, a lot of work was done before DLCs and paid cosmetics started coming out. Doubly so with how shoddy DT’s launch was. They tried to put the cart before the horse and the reaction they got is what they deserve.

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