GDC Designing Path of Exile to Be Played Forever

I bet many of the devs have already seen this but I figured I would post it just for my piece of mind that the devs have seen this content.

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I see how a lot of these ideas could be applied to Vermintide, that big one that jumped out at me was trading. If I could give some of my friends reds or we could trade reds I think that would get allot more people engaged in the community.

Now here is a zanny idea, what do you guys think about letting people sell reds on the steam marketplace?

It might not be particularly bad, depending on the community, but I don’t think it would be a good thing either. It certainly would lead to an influx of red weapons for everyone. That, then, would mean devaluation of the reds (and they’re quite common already), and more importantly, allowing an immediate boost to one’s Hero Power through purchasing them (though afaik, it doesn’t affect the Power you find from the chests so you’d still have to build it normally to gain more, but that’d be irrelevant at the point and might be wrong anyway), turning it effectively into a pay-to-win scenario, even if it were run by the users.

In general, I don’t think trading anything with mechanical effects in-game with real money, be it through microtransaction, Steam Marketplace, or purchasing in-game tokens of one sort or another, is a bad thing. In addition, pay-to-win is an inherently unfair thing, and all variants are very annoying to many players, so I’d think this would actually cost this game a significant part of its playerbase, even if it isn’t competitive (yet, at least).

If any kind of trading was implemented, I’d like to see it limited, probably in three ways. First and most important, cosmetics only. Those are the things that the completionists end up hunting anyway and as long as getting some of them rely on random chance, they’re a pain to find, dupe protection or no. They also don’t have mechanical effects, so no one would be gaining real advantages through trading. Second, I think it should be in-game only, to keep it integrated with the game (and, for those who mind it, immersive) and possibly slightly reduce the amount of people just begging for trades. And third, trading like for like. Illusions are far more common than other cosmetics, and hats seem to be the most wanted, so to prevent imbalanced trades (both for cheating purposes and just to keep the market for each type of item balanced).

I’m finding it unusually difficult to put into words my reasoning for those limitations; it’s possibly because I’m fairly strongly opposed to any kind of trading system in the game, as I feel it really wouldn’t be needed and would probably introduce more problems than it would even solve - if there even is anything that could be solved by it. Even more so now that Illusions aren’t limited resources anymore, and that most cosmetics are gained from Okri’s Challenges too. I feel trading stuff would essentially fight against the changes we’ve already seen to item acquisition systems, rendering the illusion changes and Veteran item crafting completely irrelevant (and even the worse option, in the latter case).


You bring up a lot of good points. You are right about cosmetics for sure trading them is a no brainer.

The items in Vermintide are most of the grind in the game, I feel like the game does not start until you get all your reds for a build but I know many players won’t see it that, they will just buy the reds and walk away from the game.

I think the items need a major rework anyway…

The most problematic thing (arguably, the only significant one) with the items is the crafting system, and a big reason Veteran items are valued as high as they are is because they significantly relieve the system’s frustrating features. Something needs to be changed, but I think the changes need to go deeper than some people think (if we could roll the Property values separately like we could in VT1, reds would be effectively equal to oranges so they’d need something to make them unique or that tiny bit more effective), and on the other hand, not as drastic as some people seem to want (I don’t think a complete rehaul or change back to VT1’s system is needed, just a few QoL features).

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Just being able to work for things you actually want would be great. Even if it were for the long haul. There was literally one weapon I wanted a red of in VT1 (the XSword) - never got it in hundreds of hours. It took me like 400 in VT2 to get it. That’s just frustrating. :confused:


Ugh. Please, no trading like in PoE. The game was built around it.
Gifting some to your friends? Exchanging a little bit of material? Sure, why not.
I think a game doesn’t need to be for ‘forever’. Just 10 years is already plenty.
That said, PoE, to me, hasn’t actually improved that much during its lifetime. It just got more.

Still waiting for that horned Handmaiden hat. Approaching 1,000 hours now…

Your lucky, I got it and now there are no more cosmetics I want in the game. It was nice to have something to work for, now that I have all my reds and cosmetics i want there is no reason to boot the game till WOM comes out. I was actually thinking about level my friends account for him for since he does not like the game well enough to grind loot and I can’t give him loot.

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