Say NO to purchasable cosmetics

microtransactions will be the death of this game for, what substance will actually be left?

Its really time.

I mean we have this neat unfinished game that will never work properly and to round things up V2 definetly needs some microtransaction cosmetics. Especially after the glorious amounts of recolors that one can unlock by grinding this early access for weeks.

Electronic Arts hall of fame is just the beginning.


Let’s not forget that the skins weren’t even items, they just replaced your character model and the only way to remove it is by uninstalling the DLC.


Feedback: I would prefer a more realistic way of earning cosmetics already developed with the full release in-game instead of as a paid service.

I’m happy to buy artwork from artists produced after the release if it’s worth it to me.


Herein lies the fundamental reason the drop rates are so awfully bad. Why grind the living hell out of something that you might get after 1000 hours when you can just buy it for £3.99?

At this point I’m beginning to wonder if FS are actively attempting to bury their own reputation and pocket a suitcase full of cash while laughing uncontrollably at the people who gave them the money - i.e you and me.

I’ve gone from a Die Hard VT1 fan to a cynical old git just waiting for FS to pull some other mindless crap to stiff me with. If they put out some two quid cosmetics before a massive patch that fixes the stuff that’s been busted since Beta AND fixes the comedy weapons/careers balance, I’m going to have such an incandescent episode of rage you’ll see me on the news smashing holes in the wardrobes in IKEA simply to have some kind of revenge on something Swedish.


Id be ok with it if it were bundled with some DLC like how VT1 added new weapon drops on the DLC maps.

If this is to be only cosmetics, I’m okay with it. If the stuff is purchase-only, I’ll likely be slightly annoyed, but that has no effect on FS (or me, really). If the items in question are reasonably priced and look good (and unless very cool, are not acquirable otherwise), I might actually purchase some. Otherwise, they can stay in the shop. It’s nothing away from me personally.

If, on the other hand, this expands to in-game benefits I start considering quitting the game altogether (and not spending money in the future). It’s unlikely to come true until my friends do so too, but p2w is not the way to go.

Like others, though, I’d like better in-game methods more. Too much RNG is annoying.

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I’m beginning to think you’re right. - The network code and sound issues, the patrols and boss balance, the missing dedicated servers, the Orbital Nerf Gun they’ve fired into some classes… we have got the finished state of the game. There will be no enormous bug fixing patch because …the game is in its finished state. I frowned when you first posted this but now I’m a believer.

well as im 350+ hours in and about the same commendation chests opened with zero drops , they already are puchase only for me!

but in seriousness i dont have any objection to them doing ccosmetics for cash but i want them done right.

  1. What are they funding? Maybe there is a huge balance patch with massive amounts of bug fixes , but with no communication it sort of looks like PC version is out in the wilderness as everyone is now working on console ports.
    way i see it cosmetics in a game like this are a differenct way of funding dlc and future development , but V2 needs massive amounts of core work it needs huge balance pass and bug fixes the game we already paid for needs fixing , i wont say first i get it they have to balance fix and drop content all at once.

if they continue to ignore balance , and charge for dlc and expect us to buy hats i for one will not be down for that.

  1. The earnt cosmetics and the bought ones are distinct and seperate. they can sell the ones in commendation chests and any new stuff but the ones for clearing all legend levels and 100 missions etc should remain purely unlockable.
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You mean new weapon drops you might get after maybe 300 hours? Or 2 hours? Or never? The in game method is so broken a possibility of new weapons is going to be stupidly low - especially if they only drop from the DLC maps with less that 1% chest drop rate or some other buffoonery.


Eh, I have zero issue with purchaseable cosmetics.
A shop for cosmetic items only is fine IMHO.

Not sure if purchasable cosmetics should be different from in game drops or the same as the in game drops though.

And like @Avar said…the ones you can get from Okris should under no circumstances be able to be purchased.

There is so much FS could do with cosmetics in this game. So many cool ideas out there. Just look at the thread right here on this forum.

I want to be able to customise my characters without having to do the RNG grind for thousands upon thousands of hours.

I know a lot of people dont agree but I think the current hat and red drop rate is pretty good.
This is coming from someone with two hats(both from after 1.1) and probably 20 or so red items.

I do think FS should get out a few more patches before adding in any sort of in game cosmetic shop though.

Off topic but red dupes needs to be fixed.


You do realize that your problem could be fixed by simply making cosmetics more available to players? Vermintide 1 had a Bounty Board that allowed to you directly work towards cosmetics as quest rewards, which were awarded after fulfilling multiple “contracts” (in-game goals, such as slaying a certain number of Stormvermin). You could pick from several quests and contracts very day. You could also earn cosmetics from regular gameplay as end-of-level rewards. Your current problem is a symptom of what appears to be a system rigged towards making cosmetics so difficult to earn that you’d prefer to spend money (on a game you’ve already paid for, that isn’t even fully functional yet, that will have DLC that must be paid for). Don’t ask to pay more for content that should be free (just look at everything that was found in the game files on the modded realm— cosmetics from the first game + recolors); ask for a better system that rewards you for playing the game— in a more engaging way than slowly grinding XP, which is awarded even if you lose or effectively abuse the game’s AI (speedrunning).

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Your points are good reasons for making the system closer to Vermintide 1’s, which more directly rewarded the player for good play (Quests and Contracts and playing well on higher difficulties gave a much higher chance of getting cosmetics from end-of-level rewards), not good reasons for throwing more money at Fatshark for the sort of content people got for free in Vermintide 1. Can’t you see that the current loot/cosmetic system in Vermintide 2 is intentionally designed to make buying the cosmetics attractive, even though that entire loop isn’t necessary, as Vermintide 1 has proven?

Fatshark has not demonstrated that they can handle microtransactions well. Read up on War of the Roses and its failed successor, War of the Vikings. Vermintide 1 had one set of purchasable cosmetics that could be compared to the Collector’s Editio content and Ubersreik skins of Vermintide 2; that’s nothing compared to a full-blown selling of all/most earnable cosmetics— better to let Fatshark know that the system needs fixing, not a store, than to let it happen.

The current hat drop rate is completely unacceptable without more supplementary methods of acquiring cosmetics, as were available in Vermintide 1. Selling those random hats would make them effectively worthless; on average, they at least show some time commitment, currently. With an in-game system of earning them more directly, like Vermintide’s Quests and Contracts, they would be seen as an achievement and extend the game’s lifespan. Selling them under the current system (extremely rare drops from chests that are most easily earned by speedrunning only one or two maps, which makes the game incredibly easy and boring) would gut the late-stage progression of Vermintide, which is earning cosmetics.

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Obviously I do. But at this point, I don’t care because the system is so terrible.

I’d 100% prefer to spend money on cosmetics rather than how it is currently, however I never said I was against other ways around the current laughable state. So no need to impose your perception of my statements onto me, when it isn’t the case.

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Id take the 1% especially if its one of the hats sitting in the game files. But I cant speak for everyone and if the majority of people are for paid cosmetics then ill be sad but accept it.

I disagree it shows “time commitment” because someone could get a hat from their first comm chest.

Like I was sayin’…could have certain cosmetics be purchasable while others are in game drop only.

I dunno…guess I just have a different mind set…drop hats are not worth anything to me other than making my character look cool, different etc…

They do not show skill.

The legend skins for completing every map with every class show skill IMHO. Not random drops from comm chests.

Edit: I knw you didnt say anythin’ about hats equal skill…just expounding on my ideas/thoughts.

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You just validated my perception of your statements by saying that you’d be okay with purchasing those cosmetics.

Fatshark should un-rig the system and use cosmetics to extend the game’s lifespan, which they already do, albeit in an excessively slow and unpleasant way. Fatshark already knows how to make it work in a player-friendly way because they already have in Vermintide 1.

I apologize if I sound like I’m trying to completely invalidate or “hate on” your okay-ness with buying cosmetics over sitting on the current system (my bad for phrasing it as “asking to pay for content”, but saying you’re okay with it is pretty much synonymous, in this case)— I’m just trying to tell you that acquiescing to Fatshark selling cosmetics is bad for players because it effectively removes late-game progression, which is largely why players keep coming back. Losing players means losing buyers of all forms of content Fatshark develops in the future.

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“Bad for players” as you put it are already getting hats by pure luck, where as others who invest hundreds of hours even get nothing.

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They do tend to show time commitment because, on average, it takes a long time to get a random hat. Yes, there are a few lucky people around who get a hat very quickly, but compare those few to the people who’d buy a hat and completely invalidate the concept of the hats being earned. Think of how unlikely it is to get many hats quickly with the current system, particularly the ones you actually want.

Consider that those particular cosmetics you get from actually, directly earning them (Okri’s Challenges) are generally perceived as less interesting/aesthetically appealing than random ones. Take a look at all the cosmetics that are in the pipeline (currently seen in mods).

Even though cosmetics are exactly that— cosmetics— they generally imply that you’ve put time into the game. Allowing them to be purchased would mean not having to put time into the game to get them. They’d be completely worthless beyond eye candy that few people would ever see, because without a late-game goal (earning hats, in the case of Vermintide), many people will stop playing.

Bringing back the Quests and Contracts system from Vermintide 1 would enhance the perception that hats are earned and therefore valuable, make the game more fun (more little objectives to do), and make hats more quickly obtainable without completely devaluing them. Doesn’t that sound better than a cash shop that actually detracts from the game while also asking players to put more money towards content that could be part of free updates?

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