[PC] - Vermintide 2 - Patch Content Update

I go out and side with Avar here again (one of the few voices of reason here on these forums, and not saying that because I agree with him most of the time), but not because I personally feel “cheated” or anything. I was one of those horders that started hording at the right time I guess and I couldn’t care less about cosmetic items. I am not the one seeing them most of the time and the only one I wanted, Bardin’s ridicilous double mohawk, I got. As for cosmetic frames, let me say only one thing: I am playing on a 4k monitor, I can hardly tell them apart. Only thing I care about is red items and the drop rate seems reasonable. I still think there should be bad luck protection and no doubles, but meh, doesn’t concern me too much. I got my green dust, I got most of the reds I really wanted, I am happy.

What I find baffling is the fact how incredibly dense you guys @ FS seem to be when it comes to realizing that you are shooting yourselves in the foot when not giving out at least something for the folks who stuck with your game to this point, which is in my oppinion also, NOT a finished product by any industry standard. Avar raises the absolutely most valid point: The reason why it seems absolutely necessary to give at least some kind of “compensation” to veterans is the fact the playtested your game for you, a game you considered “ready for shipment” and therefor a finished product. You have yet to make any kind of acknowledging statement about this fact that you at least feel some kind of remorse about that. I get the same vibe from the statements here, this kind of “it’s not the end of the world” thing is REALLY uncalled for. No one here is a whiny little brat that didn’t get their candy at the check-out, we are customers that realize that they participated in an early-access release that was sold to us as a finished game. You changed the drop rate for items for the 2nd time now and it is very reasonable to assume that was based on player feedback. There was even a parallel beta after release and even to this point, not everything is working smoothly as would to be expected from a finished product.

Like I said, I couldn’t care less about this whole thing from an individual point of view, but this DOES alienate players who feel used and kinda betrayed. Any self-respecting company would go the extra mile to at least give the veterans some kind of pat on the back, not a “compensation” but merely as a sign, saying “Thank you for your support through this rough start, we couldn’t have done it without you, take this exclusive cosmetic item so you can show your dedication.” The current situation just reeks of arrogance and ignorance.

I am on your side on this, FS. You are not as it seems.


I sign every word of this.

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One more thing - you’re losing profit. You might still have enough customers and make enough money to keep you in business, but you could have earned much more if you showed more respect to players. Like several times more.


FS can we get more than 1 daily quest a day? And can the rewards not be limited to just champ emp chests. Would like to have around 5 to 10 daily quests with varying difficulties and rewards.

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It’s at a point where, despite parts of the game being great, I just can’t justify financially supporting the company anymore. In a few months I went from “give me more opportunities to give you money to support you,” to “I’m begging you to give me a reason not to walk away forever.” That’s coming from someone who buys a lot of stuff on Steam on sale just out of blind faith to support creators in general.


You mean something like this:
Sell Me Cosmetics (and Why You Should Consider an In Game Shop in General)


Cosmetic shops should be an easy, controversy free thing. However, Evolve (RIP) has proven that there will always be backlash.
Even if FS opened a cosmetic shop and still allowed the cosmetics to be obtainable from chests, you’ll hear a lot of squawking about “This is bullcrap, they’re trying to force us to buy cosmetics by having the drop chance low and RNG!”.

Blizzard games have taught me well that it will happen. There must always be a lich king. If you satisfy one group, you will anger another.


How about this?


Sgame that so many people complain aboutnot getting red items and cosmetics. Red items should be hard to get and not just something easy. Same with cosmetics just because you dont get what you want doesnt mean the game is broken. Not getting many red items is good because it creates the sense of exitement when you finally get one.

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Luck =/= hard or easy. Luck = luck. Nothing more, nothing less. What luck makes “hard” for one person, another person got without effort. There is nothing about red or cosmetic items that indicates skill, experience, or dedication. Just a Skinner box mechanic.


Do you see the difference between grinding levels and praying to RNGesus and skill-based achievements? Because right now, you don’t need any skill - you might as well farm Veteran or Recruit, and get almost as many cosmetics as most skilled players. Oh, and you can also get reds now this way! Just play recruit, get lucky and boom - you’re on a roll.

And even Legend hats require more grinding than skill now. The best and easiest way to get them now - is to speedrun the fastest and easiest level 100 times in a row instead of playing the game and showing skill.

The only thing they made right - is reskins. To get them you indeed need to show, that you’re worthy by completing each and every level. Other stuff is either grinding or luck.


Love it! Hopefully we’ll get more updates like this in the future. (Including more cosmetics)

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The gameplay is now smooth and feels much improved (except some ‘rare’ backend error crashes).

One last issue to solve before you can move on with delivering new maps and contents is a system to prevent endgame reward randomness.

Don’t undersrand me wrong I started to love your hack & slash game, however I m personally an example of bad luck or cursed since all I get are duplicate jewels over and over again.

There is no way to focus or address an upgrade for your favorite class or playstyle, and the same is true for cosmetics as they are not career specific drops which is a very bad design condition in my opinion.

For reds:
Instead of holding some veteran items in my hands i opened 6 red charms in a row.

For cosmetics:
I play exclusively the pyromancer or ranger dwarf and your random system rewards me with Ironbreaker and Unchained career cosmetics.

Don’t understand me wrong but I’d prefer no reward instead consistently get feed with stuff I don’t need. I cannot even trade my things to friends who would like it.

To sum it up, I feel I have no choice or way to improve on a specific career I feel attached to, which makes me sad and leave this game, since endless hours of farming don’t lead to anything and I feel that I wasted my time.

There are many other games out there where you can specifically run a dungeon a 150x and in case it drops you receive it for ‘your’ class.

But the logic/system in Vermentide2 brought me now to the point of keeping logged out, even my friends who still play cannot motivate me enough to face again my cursed loot behaviour.

I will spend some time elsewhere, probably coming back if I see a change in the regard of career specific drops.


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I dont play the game to get red items or cosmetics, I play it because I really like the gameplay.
Yes it might help having a couple red weapons n stuff but I didnt pay 30 dollars to grind and look good doing it. There is no enjoyment in that kind of gaming.


Cool, but do you realize, that there is OTHER people who might enjoy different things than YOU. They might want to have those items and could you name me a reason why they shouldn’t be able to?

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You wrote that instead of than and they should earn it throught grinding

I got ya. :+1:

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WOAW!!! Tell me plz, how many hrs should I grind to get red DnD, at least 1 pair of them for the illusion skin? BTW 500+ hrs is not enough, and you know, if i’ll grind for 500 more or even 1k+ more hrs it could be still not enough.

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This is a valid question. What does constitute grinding, how many hours?

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500 hours is more than enough to fall into grinding category.

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