Disable glows?

Any chance we could get an option to turn glows off , the purple ones really bug me its a bright neon movement that i find really distracting. be nice to be able turn off flame weapon affects to while were at it :wink:

Just use a different illusion unless you mean other players glows in which case no :>

Go to the workshop and check out a few of prop joe’s mods. Rate them up and hope @FatsharkRobin gets to implementing the next wave of sanctioned mods before late 2021.

The sooner we can get rid of the jedi glowsticks and the lighthouse tier potions, the better. The bogenhafen illusions look positively atrocious, I can’t believe people paid money to get this. It’s repulsive. And with the third person equipment mod, the potions still glow while attached to you.

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I thought this was gonna be a suggestion thread for something like Left 4 Dead’s realism mode. :frowning: (One of the things it did was disable the glow outlines on literally everything, pings and allies and all.)

Anyway, this sounds like mod territory and I don’t see why it couldn’t be sanctioned if made. I like the glows myself, on both weapons and third person equipment mod potions.

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