No Wobble mod gone (updated)

Removed from Steam Workshop by the author. Still on my HD, but can’t run it on the official server.

I quite literally cannot play the game without it. It gives me an incredible headache. V2 is a good game, but I’m not putting myself through real physical pain for it.

FS, please fix or I’m afraid I will never play again. I’m completely serious.

Update: The mod is back up. It’s apparently related to a crash bug on Drachinfels Map 3. FS says a hotfix is incoming.


Nooooooo, really?! Ah crap… I’ll get seasick again…

FS, is there any way this mod’s function can be officially implemented in game? I confess I know very little about programming, but am I right to think it wouldn’t be very hard to add an option in the menu? Just something that sets a variable to something else?


Lol Huntsman suddenly low tier.

More seriously damn, that sucks. @FatsharkJulia any chance the dev team will have any time for this at the moment?


This is a huge deal, me and my friends get sick playing this game without the mod, please find a way to incorporate the mod into the game again.


Please make a hotfix to make it an option in official realm, this is a pretty huge drawback for people who used the mod.


I dont care if it will be in the game via resanctioning it, or “just” making it availible in the game setting like it should. Whatever takes less time, do it asap.


We’re looking in to the best options here given the situation. Hang tight.


I absolutely love that my ability to play the game without almost throwing up is dependent on the whims of a modder and Fatshark’s non-existent mod approval process. What a truly excellent method for implementing so many massive QoL features. I can’t think of a single way in which issues like this could be addressed in a more direct and sensible manner.


Thanks! Would be brilliant!

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Wow, I didn’t realize so many people were using this mod. It feels like FS should make it a permanent feature rather than a mod if there is such a large amount of people who depend on it because of motion sickness.


I hate the wobbling in this game, lol. I think of the 8 people I try to play this game regularly with, only one dude plays with no QoL mods at all. The amount of camera bobbing in every aspect of the game has always been way too intense.

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I personally wouldn’t want to play without the wobble. Love the shaky camera! :smiley:

Yeah, I agree with this. I came from PS4 where you were unable to turn it off so it didn’t start bothering me until I moved to PC and a friend begged me to get No Wobble and then I could never play with wobble in this game again.

The wobble in this game is super distinct, and I’d love to see it baked into base game as an option to turn on and off if it’s possible!


If you have it installed still just hit all/none to recheck everything and it’ll still work. Have to do it again everytime you start a new session though.


Thank you!

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For all that is good and holy, this hotfix can’t come fast enough, but it’d still be better if FS just made the disable headbob option in the menu actually work

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Why was the mod removed in the first place? The mod didn’t seem to be recently updated as its page states “Updated 29 Aug, 2018”.

It was removed by the mod author, not fatshark.

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Yea, this is probably my most used mod. I can’t handle the screen shake, makes me feel sick. I remember it was down for one of the betas and it really negatively impacted my first impressions. It’s so noticeable…

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Hello? It’s been more than 1 year, how everything going? I have bad motion sickness with melee, I can’t play more than 5 minute without feeling sick. I tried to install the mods but nothing change. Do I have to play it in modded realm?

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