Screen Bobble With Weapon/Damage Impact

I know there is an option for disabling the head bobble when just walking, but is there a possibility that another option to disable it completely could be implemented? I’ve got friends that would absolutely love nothing more than to play this game, but the weapon impact and damage taken bobble cause them to have motion sickness to the point of not being able to complete a level.
Without us knowing the feature was in the game, we collectively bought VT1 on PlayStation 4, but still haven’t finished the game together, because they can’t stomach the motions. They asked me, yesterday, if this was still a thing in VT2 and if there was an option to completely disable it or increase the FOV. With this not being available, they are going to pass.
Would this be more trouble than it’s worth to add?

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I absolutely detest the head bobbing when firing the repeater handgun. It makes me feel a bit nauseous too, though that is the only weapon I have trouble with.

From my lackluster understanding of programming and game development, disabling this effect is as simple of adding a ‘‘true/false’’ statement in the gameplay option menu so I do believe FS can and will implement this.

I believe there is a sanctioned mod for this that you can use.


Get ‘no wobble’ from workshop, it’s sanctioned. Repeater handgun has recoil, making consecutive shots harder to land without a moment of realigning, but this can also be reduced in modded realm if that’s your liking.

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Aye, the no wobble mod is amazing, a must have.

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I also would recommend the “no wobble” mod - if you were playing on PC. Unfortunately, the mods aren’t (and aren’t likely to become) a thing on either console, so outta luck there. Besides, even the mod doesn’t remove ranged recoil (on Official Realm), as that’s considered part of the weapons’ balancing, and too advantageous to remove.

So on PC that can be done, but no such luck on consoles.

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Btw, för the OP, you can turn off head bobbing at least in the normal game settings. But the annoying wobble when using weapons like dual daggers you need the no wobble mod.

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