No wobble

Are there any plans to implement the mod ‘no wobble’ from vt2 into darktide?

Edit: this has been added into vanilla vermintide 2 so it should work in darktide as well!


Without options to disable motion blur, head-bobbing, depth of field, screen shake, etc., i wouldn’t have been able to play more than 10 hours of VT2. I understand the pros and cons of mod and/or modded realm support, but if these features aren’t handled appropriately at launch, it will be unplayable for people like me :grimacing:


Yes please!
For people like us with severe motion sickness it would be very much appreciated if we could turn off all sorts of wobble/head bobbing and camera shake.

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It’s basic options that were present on VT2, they surely will be implemented too in Darktide

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I don’t believe all options in VT2 release are the same as today. If that is the case, then they are still lacking the current mod that makes the game playable for me - “No Wobble.” Thus, a release version’s “feature parity” argument worries me.

When VT2 received updates and they temporarily kept breaking the No Wobble mod, I would be unable to play until the mod author pushed their update as well.

Beyond my anecdotal take, I’m seeing 71,176 current subscribers to the mod as of today, and it’s the 17th top rated mod out of 385. I don’t have player metrics and DB info to speculate as to how crucial this mod is to which percentage of the currently active community. Anecdotally and with some of the Steam Workshop numbers, I think this is important to clarify.


we need no wobble / no screen shake i cant play with some weapons because of the shake on them is too much

The screen shake intensity option they added on release is amazing. drag that bad boy down to 0% and the game doesn’t wobble now, thank goodness!

Unless you’re talking about guns’ recoil/stability/suppression/ADS stuff?