Vermintide just gave me motion sickness

I have no idea why that is (i’ve played the current patch before) but I’ve tried playing vermintide and had to kill it after no more than 5 minutes. Is there any new issue I should be aware of (and most importantly a fix?)

I’ve had similiar issues and, as far as I’m aware, it’s because of how much camera shakes.
Wobble isn’t done right so I suggest using mode named “No Wobble”.
It worked for me, might work for you.
Here’s the link:


Camera shaking is a big cause of this but you should also mess around with the FOV setting to see what works for you. Since V2 has a different kind of FOV compared to other games.
I’d also recommend checking or disabling forms of video processing like the sharpness filter, depth of field and anti-aliasing as they can strain my eyes on this game. Maybe it could help you as well.

I thank you for your suggestions, but I’ve never had any problem with the game before, wobble and all.
Yesterday I tried playing for a few minutes, and I was sick for about 1h.

I was hosting, so it couldn’t be lag. The game felt very laggy and unresponsive though, like it had problem keeping the FPS stable. They were fluctuating a bit, so it might be it, but not too wildly either.
I remember the enemies’ movements weren’t fluid at all, and i’m quite sure I was hit once while I was blocking.

There haven’t been any new updates that are relevant to this, I guess it must be an external issue. Something wrong with your PC? Or maybe even a physical IRL problem?

Did you have your config resetted ? If not, I guess there’s something wrong on your computer, either a driver working incorrectly or some piece of hardware giving up.

Not that I’m aware of. It’s quite odd. :frowning:

Do you get motion sickness with any other games or is it just vermintide? That would rule out a health issue vs a specific game issue.

Just vermintide, and it hasn’t happened before. My issues seem to be related to FPS - to a degree, at least. I had to reduce the max FPS or it would fluctuate a bit - but there’s something more: the images seem laggy even then, although less so. Sometimes it gets better, oddly enough, if I’m not the host.

Ok, there’s definitely something iffy with the FPS. A friend of mine had the same problem, and he has a brand new gaming pc, and he was running the game with its setting close to minimum, so it would run more smoothly.

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