Odd one - motion sickness

This might be a strange one, but is anyone else experiencing motion sickness while playing this game?

I’ve played a total of 50 hours without an issue until about Wednesday 21st March. Took a small break and then played again on Monday 26th and after 15 minutes started getting motion sickness and headaches. I looked through the patch notes and nothing seems to have changed that would cause this.

I’ve only experienced motion sickness in 2 other games ever - Borderlands and Splatoon 2. In those cases it was near instant though. I’ve been playing Vermintide 2 for weeks without an issue.

It’s been suggested that I should turn head bobbing off, and I will once my head calms down again. But I’m not sure why this is happening now, and what’s difference between now and last week? I’ve been playing with head bob on for 50 hours without issue.

Any help/input would be greatly appreciated. I love this game and it’s killing me that I can’t play right now.

Had the same issues, head bobbing and motion blur off with none of the post processing sorted me out.

when i first bought the original vermintide1, i had massive nausea and motion sickness. but i was used to it, because it always happens when i play a new game or am put into an environment where i am not familiar with the controls.

after a few months later, i tried the game again, got sick again, but stuck with it until i got used to gameplay. now, no problems.

a lot of motion sickness problems is due to your brain anticipating movement, but it doesn’t happen (due to unfamiliarity) and over time, this causes nausea (since you don’t seem to be in control of yourself)

the previous poster had good points. switching off head bob is good move. just give yourself a few days to get used to it, and don’t play when u get too sick, even tho vermintide is super addictive. lol.

good luck and i hope your motion sickness wears off!

Increasing the field of view sorted my issues out.

Increase FOV and maybe switch off motion blur. FOV increase will lower your performance so adjust the other graphical settings if a boost to your frames per second is needed.

This worked! Thank you.

Game looks worse but at least I can play :smiley:

Low fov = claustifobic mition sickness, geting worse with mage laser staff zoom

High fov = fish eye effect, roller coaster motion sickness

Try fov 71, its same as overwatch 103 fov, its best if u ask me, no claustofobic, no fish eye, game feels like overwatch.

I have the same issue with nausea and motion sickness. Takes me about 5 minutes to feel sick and nauseous. Been playing around with the FOV, DOF bobbing and other settings to no avail.

Pretty sad because I do enjoy the quick games (before the nausea starts).

1 year later. But yea, FOV to 105 for me, motion blur off. Head bob off, and I use the no wobble mod so I don’t sway side to side when in melee. It helps a lot.

@Haxorzist got me sick the other night. Kept forcing me to play the no HUD weekly event. Reeee